MSNBC Takes a Dive in the Ratings

Those so sought after ratings are not on the rise at the MSNBC news network this year.  In fact, cable’s liberal nest of noisome nonsense is poised to plunge to last place in the ongoing 3-way battle for cable news dominance.  Losing its market share in that all-important age range of 25 – 54, MSNBC has been seeing its prime time audience slip sliding away.

MSNBC’s 8 PM time slot, now hosted by the self-proclaimed socialist, Lawrence O’Donnell, has lost 35% of its viewership since the angry exit of Keith Olbermann.  While over at CNN, Anderson Cooper has managed to build upon his network’s 8 PM audience, increasing viewership in the 25 – 54 age range by 38%.  Even the rerun of Cooper’s program in the 10 PM slot can’t whip up a win for MSNBC. Cooper’s rival at 10 PM over at Progressive Central is the Mister Ed Show.  You know Mr Ed, that talking jackass who is constantly apologizing for his dumb remarks?  Well, even a rerun is leaving this Democrat donkey far behind.

And the network’s gradual slide in viewer interest is also affecting Rachel Maddow’s power hour of progressive pomposity.  Now billed as MSNBC’s biggest prime time star, Maddow has lost 15% of her prime time audience this year while her competitor over at CNN, Piers Morgan, has increased his network’s audience by 18% since taking over the 9 PM time slot from Larry King.  Gee, could it be that the lesbian novelty act is finally turning into a bit of a yawn even for the Lefty faithful?  Could the tried and true liberal believers be tuning out the doctrinaire dyke with the butch school-marm manner?  We shall see.

And as for Olbermann…well, approximately 50,000 viewers in the crucial age range have migrated to Current TV to watch his egotistical behavior each night. But that’s less than 20% of the market share that he had at MSNBC.  Poor Olbie. Perhaps the 2012 presidential race might breathe some life into his Current dilemma.  Certainly, MSNBC needs a big boost from the up and coming election season or their super liberal lean forward strategy is gona end up tipping over.  Or maybe it already has.

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4 Responses to MSNBC Takes a Dive in the Ratings

  1. Ceetodo says:

    Due to my self imposed boycott of MSNnbc, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, I do not even know who anchors those networks anymore. There is one weekly show that I will watch on NBC, then I change the channel immediately when it is over. I watch FOX News, TNT, and TV Land othe cable channels only. I have not watched the 3 big and CNN since 2008…..Hmmmmmmmmmm….what could have happened in 2008 that would have caused me to start that little boycott for my self….Hmmmmm….I guess I should be open to listening to what is going on in the Networks, but i do not want to be counted amoung their viewership. So I will make this comment: If you do not like what you see or hear…BOYCOTT. Evidently, their ratings are reflecting more “self” mposed boycott than we realize.

    • And I think many liberals themselves are getting a little weary of the party line that gets pumped night after night at MSNBC. The economy is tanking, international affairs are in more of a mess than ever, the old marxist mantras are obviously not working, and yet the Lean Forward crowd just keep getting more and more absurd.

      I don’t have cable or satellite–I watch the big-3 on the internet. Watching MSNBC is like watching a Saturday Night Live spoof. It’s a good laugh.

      • Ceetodo says:

        That is a good way of looking at it. So now I know where to go for some laughs. Goodbye COMEDY CENTRAL and hello (msnbc) COMEDY SPECIAL. I may have to revisit some of these networks from time to time for a big belly laugh!


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