Dinner with Ahmadinejad: Columbia a No-Show

Ahmadinejad may be dining out in New York City when he appears once again at the United Nations to castigate the West on their oh so sinful ways, but this Middle East Muslim mobster won’t be sitting down to any supper that is officially sanctioned by Columbia University.

It was announced earlier this month in The Spectator, Columbia University’s student rag, that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president and the progressive boy toy for America’s Left-wing legions, would be dining with members of the university’s International Relations Council (CIRCA).  CIRCA is a student organization bubbling over with the next new breed of homegrown anti-American Marxists.  In fact, the group’s Vice-President, Tim Chan, Class of 2014, was quoted as saying that “everyone was enthusiastic and thrilled to have this opportunity”.

Enthusiastic and thrilled.  Well, apparently Mister Chan’s girlish glee got him into trouble when he gushed his good news to the college paper.  While Tiny Tim was wetting his progressive panties over the chance to break bread with this Third World paragon of gangsta government, Columbia University was none too happy that its noble Ivy League name was getting so publicly linked to a We Love Mahmoud ceremonial meal.  Tsk, tsk.  Best to keep the college’s collusion at a more low-key level.

And so it goes.  The Ivy League brainy brats all a-tremble over a chance to meet the great anti-American anti-hero.  All hail, Ahmadinejad.  All hail, the Middle East Messiah.  What the hell!  He may not be the Warrior for Women’s Rights or the Guardian of the Gay Alternative Lifestyle.  And who cares if millions of his people live in perpetual bondage.  Forget about the torture, the killings, and the imprisonment of the masses.  None of that matters.  The Iranian people who suffer under Ahmadinejad simply don’t matter—they ain’t on the progressive radar screen.

Here’s hoping these little snotty twits from Columbia choke on their anti-Semitic chow. Food poisoning anyone?

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