Another Weiner Gets Grilled in NY: Weprin Loses!

David Weiner, oh sorry, I mean David Weprin, got his butt whomped on Tuesday night.  The machine-mandated Democrat placeholder for the 9th Congressional District in New York went down for the count after losing to Republican challenger, Bob Turner.  In a special election to replace Anthony Weiner, the disgraced Democrat Congressman who got caught going public with his pecker, Weprin was expected to win handily in this true Blue Democrat stronghold.  But voter dissatisfaction with the Obama regime and the Orthodox Jewish community’s furor over Weprin’s support for gay marriage turned a sure thing election into a Tea Party-style revolt.

Or….perhaps the voters in the 9th District simply said No to Davey Weprin’s well-groomed rug and decided instead to go for Mr Turner’s more honest toupee-less pate.  I guess we’ll never know.

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5 Responses to Another Weiner Gets Grilled in NY: Weprin Loses!

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    Try as they will, the left cannot spin this one. They got their assess kicked.
    Thank you NY 9th.

  2. Ceeto says:

    Congrats! to all of 9th district!! We should have block parties everywhere!! Not only do not like the rug….that moustach started looking too Hitler-ish!!
    Welcome Bob Turner!

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