Anthony Weiner’s Seat Going to a Republican?

Let’s hear it for all those sophomoric males in political public service today who just can’t get their minds to rise above their overexposed private parts. And let’s offer up a special salute to Mister Anthony Weiner, former Democrat Congressman from New York, whose congressional seat is now up for grabs in a special election to be held on September 13th.  The latest poll released on Friday now shows the Republican challenger, Bob Turner, leading the Democrat placeholder, David Weprin, by six points.  Hip hip hurrah!  Way to go, Anthony!

New York’s 9th district encompasses parts of Queens and Brooklyn and has been a Democrat stronghold for decades, which makes this battle quite a bitter political pill to swallow for the party machine.  The election in New York City is being portrayed as a referendum on the policies of Barack Obama’s administration.  So if the Democrats can’t win big on their home turf in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, their presidential chances take a steep dive.  

Whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s election in NY, I think Turner’s campaign has already proven just how vulnerable Obama is right now—the Dems are scratching and digging for every vote.

Turner leads Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin in the poll, 50 percent to 44 percent. Six percent of likely voters in the Sept. 13th election are undecided.  Discontent with Washington and the president is at the heart of Turner’s shocking upset bid. In a district he won by 11 points just three years ago, Obama’s favorability rating is now upside down in the Siena poll, with 54 percent having an unfavorable opinion of Obama and only 43 percent viewing him favorably.  A remarkable 38 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of independents hold an unfavorable view of the president.  National Journal

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2 Responses to Anthony Weiner’s Seat Going to a Republican?

  1. Ceeto says:

    I live in the 9th district…we can only hope that Mr. Turner maintains the lead. If I can convince my very silly leftist Family to see the “Light” and vote to the “Right”…..

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