George Soros Shops at Target: The Boycott Bit the Dust!

Where have all the boycotts gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the boycotts gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the boycotts gone?
Soros snubbed them everyone
When will liberals ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Billionaire, George (Sauron) Soros isn’t particularly bothered by any silly progressive party line when it comes to building up his portfolio of capitalistic hard cash.  His investment group, Soros Fund Management, purchased over half a million shares of Target stock in the second quarter of 2011 valued at $26 million.  And is it any wonder that the Dark Lord of Left-wing sorcery is so bullish on Target’s bottom line—this retail chain is doing quite well, thank you very much, despite their failure to pledge unflagging fealty to those queer inquisitors of alternative lifestyle orthodoxy.

Target’s second-quarter profit rose 3.7 percent to $704 million, or $1.03 a share, beating Wall Street estimates by 6 cents a share. Earlier this month, Target said sales at stores open for at least a year rose a solid 3.7 percent, thanks to sales of food, housewares and health and beauty. Target executives have said back-to-school sales were off to a good start.  Star Tribune

Back in 2010, Gay, Inc. called for a nationwide boycott of all Target stores after the company made a political contribution to the Minnesota gubernatorial campaign of a pro-business Republican who was also opposed to gay marriage.  After much media coverage and lots of huffing and puffing from our one-dimensional sexual identity hit squad, the big overblown boycott became just another flash in the progressive political pan.

Today, Target’s sales are shooting up nicely despite (or perhaps because of) the economic downturn.  And over at Gay Inc….well, let’s just say that the boycott business seems to have gone belly up.

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2 Responses to George Soros Shops at Target: The Boycott Bit the Dust!

  1. Joe says:

    There was some sort of boycott of Target? Who knew…. I mean, who wouldn’t have guessed that there was WASN’T some bunch of bufoons out there boycotting (anyone successful) for some reason at any given point.

    My reaction is normally to think: alright, what’s wrong NOW? Is this something about cardboard, a big box store “decimating” happy-town, or have they started selling pets?

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