Hurricane Irene: Man-Made Hype

Despite the 24-hour full force coverage of what was billed as one of the most deadly, once-in-a-lifetime tragical events ever to hit the Delaware Valley, Hurricane Irene, a Category 1, repeat, a Category ONE hurricane has caused no major power outages here, no overturned cars, no real property damage, no mass destruction, and thankfully, no deaths.  But despite the obvious fact that this over-hyped man-made weather extravaganza has failed to deliver on its doomsday pronouncements, the overpaid Talking Headaches here in the Philadelphia metro area continue with the disaster deception.

After spending all day Saturday scaring the bejesus out of everyone with their non-stop Here it comes! hype and with all the tensed-up tornado warnings they flashed across our TV screens putting entire counties into a panic, our dear local media continue with their pretend portrayals of hurricane horrors.

There they stand this Sunday morning in their high fashion rain gear, all the pretty boys and girls known as the on air talent, gesticulating at the flooded lanes and detoured roads, and periodically pointing down to their designer booties to reassure the public that it is indeed a wet and wild Irene aftermath.

Because of all the rain this area has received in the past couple of weeks, both the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers are flooding.  And with the Delaware Valley crisscrossed by numerous creeks and streams, there is always the risk of flood waters after any amount of significant rainfall.  But it doesn’t take a hurricane to raise up the waters here, a simple summer storm can manage that mundane miracle.

Despite the dire predictions, we all spent a peacefull Saturday night with very little rain and no gusting winds.  The tornado watches and warnings that were posted for entire counties here in Pennsylvania turned out to be squiggles on the radar screens of overzealous weather forecasters who apparently felt that crying wolf was better than not crying at all.  Hence, many households in eastern Pennsylvania were less worried about a wimpy hurricane and more concerned about total tornado annihilation.  But as it turned out, those squiggles on the radar screens were just, well, squiggles on the radar screens.

It is certainly understandable that the powers that be must always assume the worst case scenario and take measures accordingly.  But the mainstream media uses these weather events as entertainment content to be pushed, puffed up, and packaged in any way possible in order to drive up their ratings.  There’s a big difference between appropriately warning people of mother nature’s fickle feats, quite another to deliberately and in my view, irresponsibly, stage manage a storm.

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4 Responses to Hurricane Irene: Man-Made Hype

  1. Joe says:

    Nothing put the whole thing in its place like the mooks that mooned the Weather Channel in Virginia Beach. After all, get al look at this sad tale of human misery and loss!:

  2. Ceeto says:

    Hail Marys on that one, Jeanne…so true..I do not want to experience my new found skills on anything higher than a CAT 1. We will just keep our fingers crossed on having a low profile Hurricane Season…although we have about 3 months to GO…Hail Mary…..


  3. Ceeto says:

    We were among the mandatory evacuation in NYC for the low-lying areas. We did and still glad we did, even though there was the hype. All is well and the house is fine. Still, better safe than sorry…even with the hype. No harm done to any friends, family, and neighbours. I do not mind the inconvenience. Even though I do not like Mayor Bloomberg, I do believe he did the right thing giving a mandatory regulation to evacuate. Not everyone listened….I did not mind leaving. It was like a practise run for us. Now, if we need to do it again, we have a better understanding of what to do before to get ready to leave, where to go, how far to go, etc. I feel very prepared for the next time. So I view this as my education degree in EVACUATION. I see it as a great dry-run (no pun intended) that everyone should experience. It really educates one.
    C. .

    • Glad you weathered the storm so well. And you’re right, C, most folks don’t know how to prepare for an emergency like that, me included. Let’s hope though that you never have to use those new evacuation skills you’ve just developed. My gosh, if this is what we had to go through for a category 1 hurricane, I can only imagine what would happen with a stronger storm system.

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