The Perry-Obama Contrast: The Photo Says It All

This photograph, which compares a 20-somthing Rick Perry with an equally young Barack Obama (if that’s what he was calling himself at the time), is more than just a stark contrast between the patriotic Air Force pilot and the academic affirmative action drifter. This Photo-shopped mixed metaphor of two modern-day males, also showcases the glaring juxtaposition of the real world full-force engagement of American values and the dorm room weak-willed disconnect of airhead suppositions.

Which one of these men do you think has developed the personal courage, the demanding leadership skills, the political acumen, and the positive vision that our country so desperately needs?

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2 Responses to The Perry-Obama Contrast: The Photo Says It All

  1. Ron R says:

    I like that image it says a lot! Used it on one of my websites, Obama Cartoons. With due credit to you!

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