MSNBC Hires Al Sharpton: Conservatives Celebrate

Al ‘The Sham’ Sharpton will be hosting MSNBC’s 6 PM time slot starring in his own slimy version of that cacophonous commentary that passes for progressive news analysis.  And now that the executives at MSNBC have reached far down into that Left-wing barrel of rotten activist apples to somehow pull out some semblance of a ratings sensation, we here in Rightville can only smile smugly and send out our best wishes for an all out Sharpton success.

In this day and age of down and dirty journalism and the propaganda parroting that goes with it, the hiring of Al Sharpton stands out as a milestone marker in the ongoing prostitution of ‘news’ outlets.  Even many liberals find this roving race hustler absolutely despicable.  MSNBC is backing its programming down that blind alley of Left-wing fringe fanaticism hoping that this black bagman can rev up the ratings.  Well, I’m sure the true believers will tune in religiously to Big Al’s blowout but the sense seeking liberals will soon tire of the nonsensical tirades if they ever watch at all.

Al Sharpton, the prime-time professional spokesman for progressivism.  The Faustian face of the ever-deteriorating Democrat party, in full view of America five nights a week.  Ah, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

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2 Responses to MSNBC Hires Al Sharpton: Conservatives Celebrate

  1. Ceeto says:

    Good for the Right, BAD for the left…but evidently the folks over at MSNBC must be “smokn” some bad, rotten stuff, with that decision. OH, well, interested in seeing their ratings in 3 months, if it last that long.

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