The Unbearable Whiteness of Martha’s Vineyard

For over two years now, we’ve heard all the blather from Left-wing media about the supposed whiteness of Tea Party America and how such a one-tone tint to any group of people should automatically sound off the racist rant.  But of course, that declaration from the Democrat Handbook of Progressive Decrees, like every other fraudulent proclamation set forth by these charlatans of shell-game morality, conveniently comes with many fickle footnotes.

Take Martha’s Vineyard for example.  Now of course, I don’t have any fancy figures nor studious stats to back up my solid intuition, but I’d bet the equity in my humble home that at any given date, at any given time, this vacation haven for the upscale liberal money class is overwhelmingly peopled by Whites.  At the height of the vacation season, the population of Martha’s Vineyard can swell to over 75,000 and I betcha that right now, on this very August morning, sitting in all those pretentious hoity-toity restaurants, there are now 74,996 very well-to-do White folk enjoying their very expensive Sunday brunch.

Interesting that Mr. Obama and his family chose to vacation in this liberal paradise for the outrageously rich and famous at a time when our country is in economic difficulty.  Strange that this great man of progressive principles, who just came off a short bus tour of depressed Mid-West America where he damned all those rich corporate bastards and their private jets, would then fly off to Martha’s Vineyard, the private jet and yuppy yacht capital of the Eastern seaboard.  Huh?  Think there’s a little cognitive dissonance going on here?

The snooty snotty vacation spot of Martha’s Vineyard is the exact right place where our president belongs.  The white liberal elite of New England provide a perfect backdrop to the aristocratic noblesse oblige attitude of Obama’s progressive mindset.  And as us peasants troll around under the economic bridge of discontent, our kindly patronizing lords and ladies of the Left-wing realm refresh themselves after a hard year at the we-know-best helm.

Here are some of the other well-to-do liberal elite who are also having a fun time this weekend in Martha’s Vineyard.  We peasants are left to drool.

While the media is busy playing a game of peek-a-boo with President Obama, the rest of the Rock is having a grand old time, unbothered by the hoopla surrounding the first family’s vacation.

Our fun-filled weekend began Friday at the home of financier Gwen Adams and her husband Peter Norton, the multimillionaire software publisher and philanthropist. As they do each year, the couple invited friends and family to watch the Oak Bluffs fireworks from the grounds of their meticulously restored Queen Anne home overlooking Ocean Park. (Unbelievably, Norton originally refurbished the house in 1994, but had to rebuild again in 2001 when the place burned to the ground in an electrical fire.)

Enjoying a lavish spread of swordfish steaks, sausage, and couscous was a crowd that included Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, “Precious” screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher and his parents, venture capitalist Jeff McCormick and his wife Christine, Art Buchwald’s daughter-in-law Tamara, and “Bourne Identity” director Doug Liman, whose new movie, “Fair Game,” stars Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame, the CIA agent allegedly outed by the Bush White House in 2003.

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6 Responses to The Unbearable Whiteness of Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Right, those who call conservatives racists think that whiteness is worth remarking on, except when it’s not—it’s all perfectly logical, really!

    I loved Rob Long’s parody in National Review (September 20th, 2010, page 45) of this Associated Press story (Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin “appealed to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall . . .”): After Woodstock, “Tired, Predominantly White Rock Fans Begin Exodus”, etc., and of course,

    The hugely-popular-with-white-people Whole Foods Market has announced results from its annual Predominantly White Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey, conducted online in June by Harris Interactive, which found that among white people, organic foods are making a larger impact in predominantly white consumers’ shopping choices in 2010. While about three out of four melanin-deprived adults continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods (75 percent in ’10 and 73 percent in ’09), the number of organic products found in their bland, white grocery basket has increased. Notably, 27 percent of white adults say that natural and/or organic foods constitute more than a quarter of their total whitey-favorite food purchases this year, up from just 20 percent a year ago.

    (Deja vu!)

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Only the half-white part of him is rich, which he hates. The other is the poor, black half, which he embraces.

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Liman has scrapped his Valerie Plame coming out movie in order to feature his new venture called Operation Fast and Furious starring Danny DeVito as Eric Holder? It is my understanding that Liman considers his latest offering somewhat more relevant given that people were actually murdered, in part, as a result of our government’s actions.

    • If the Hollywood court jesters think they’ll have a blockbuster success with the likes of Valerie WHO?, they have really descended into the darkness of denial. That priggish progressive bubble they live in is our biggest advantage. And come 2012, I think Eric Holder and his fast and furious flunkies will be finding themselves fast and furiously indicted.

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