The White Obsession of Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is at it again.  This incompetent clown is bound and determined to paint the frightening threats to our country’s internal security in spurious shades of white on white.   Despite the outrageously obvious profiles of those who are most likely to commit acts of terror in the land of the free, the Department of Homeland Security, like every other governmental and media outlet today, is hell bent on pretending that it can’t possibly be folks of a very different hue who are out to hurt us.

Over the past two years, 126 people have been arrested on terrorism charges.  And everyone of these suspects has turned out to be MUSLIM.  But hey, pay no attention to that Imam behind the curtain—the real evil wizard of all things bad must surely be Red Neck Whitey.  So at all costs, we must march on to the tune of our liberal leitmotif pandering to the sore sentiments of Third World wastrels.  

Here is Napolitano’s latest propaganda piece that will be airing here, there, and everywhere.  Note that the suspicious characters are, yep, you guessed it, WHITE.  This time out though, the Red Neck stereotype is missing.  Instead, the White terrorists are portrayed as decidedly Middle Class.  So the next time you see a white woman in a business suite talking on a cell phone, run for your life!

And the best review of this latest piece of poop from our progressive betters was penned by a commenter on YouTube, who after viewing this hogwash had this say:

The next video in the series will depict a white 68 year old Grandpa, most likely a Veteran, wearing a yellow “Don’t tread on me” T-shirt, leaving a Tea Party rally, driving a U-Haul truck full of fertilizer to the front of an elementary school in a Minority neighborhood.

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8 Responses to The White Obsession of Janet Napolitano

  1. Excellent article, LC. I read on another blog today the argument for bringing back the term racialist ~ someone who sees color first and then that frames their whole view of the person based on their color. It’s not exactly discrimination, but more of a color-coding. That’s who the Dems are ~ a bunch of racialists. Though, they are fairly selective in their use of color. If a Black person does something somewhat substantial, the Dems laud it as if the person cured cancer, making sure we White folk know it was a BLACK person who did this. If, however, roving gangs of BLACK flash mobbers attack a local convenience store, or beat up Whites in Wisconsin, it is up to us to try and figure out “Who is doing these terrible things?” because NO mention of color whatsoever is included in the news reports. When a would-be terrorist is caught, NO mention of their Islamic connections is made; but of course, we hear plenty about what amazing contributions Islam makes everyday to our society when it suits the racialists. And of course, according to the Dems, non-Dem Whites are neanderthal, wannabe slave owner, redneck terrorists. Such slobbering hypocritical creeps too many Dems are.

    • Excellent points. And what is amazing to me is that the Dem controlled media still think they have exclusive access to the American masses and that none of us dumb hayseeds has a clue that they’re color-coding the news. They do indeed have contempt for the peasants.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s like worrying about Swedes in 1941 in Hawaii. Jeez!

  3. goliddy says:

    WTF?! I guess then I will report to authorities that most the Muslims I see in my town look suspicious. Now that I got the okay to inform them of any “suspicious”
    activities going ons.

  4. This type of absurd pandering by this regime is going to cost lives!

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