Triple Double Oreos: And You Thought America Was in Decline

Just when you thought that America was descending into the nether depths of Marxist madness and just when you were ready to surrender any hope of ever resuscitating your badly battered 401k, there appears on the happy horizon of gastric goodness a conciliatory sop for your baleful Obama blues: The Triple Double Oreo has arrived.  And all is now well with the world.  Enjoy!

For those who think the Double Stuf Oreo is too dainty, Kraft Foods has introduced the Triple Double Oreo, which combines a layer of vanilla cream, a layer of chocolate cream and three chocolate wafers.

Kraft’s Nabisco unit will launch television advertising featuring Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williams, and Apolo Ohno in early September.   Chicago Tribune

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