Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Laying Off Staff

The Wisconsin Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, announced that it is laying off 40% of its staff (42 employees).  Now that Wisconsin’s teachers are no longer forced to pay union dues to unions they haven’t voluntarily joined, the WEA’s coffers have been coughing up a big deficit for the union bosses.  But it’s not just the loss of union dues that is hurting these solidarity shakedown artists, it’s also the loss of the exclusive right to provide healthcare and medical coverage for its teachers. 

Back in 2009, WEA collected over $25 million in dues.  Moreover, WEA’s healthcare insurance scam provided wapping profits for the unions.  Many school districts were forced to purchase medical coverage for their employees exclusively through the union’s healthcare trust and of course they paid through the nose for the privilege of being rooked.  And since the lovely teachers didn’t have to contribute a penny toward their medical coverage, it was a big win-win racket for the teachers and their unions.  Not such a great deal, however, for the schnooks stuck with the bill.  Now who might that be?  Oh yes, the Wisconsin taxpayers.

With the reforms spearheaded by Governor Walker, the state was able to cut spending, including its contributions to local school districts.  In turn, the local school districts were able to trim their budgets without laying off teachers or administrative staff.  That’s right, no teachers have lost their jobs although they are now contributing toward the cost of their healthcare coverage.  Now see, a little bit of fairness can really go a long way.  

Director Dan Burkhalter of the Wisconsin Education Association Council said Monday that 42 people who work for the union had received layoff notices. And he blamed it on what he called Governor Scott Walker’s “union-busting” legislation.

The law allows teachers in districts without ongoing contracts to bargain only for salaries at-or-below inflation. Employees no longer have to pay union dues, and most public unions must hold certification votes each year to stay in existence.

Burkhalter says WEAC is busy signing up members to stay with the group and voluntarily pay dues. He said the teachers’ union has made quote, “steady progress in signing up members” – and they expect even more progress once the school year begins in a couple of weeks.   Labor Union Report

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