Chris Matthews: It’s the Rick Perry Tingle

If Chris Matthew’s ridiculous remarks about Governor Rick Perry are any thing to go by, it would appear that the poor benighted boobs on the Left have really run out of coherent political commentary.  And is it any wonder.  After spending the past three years in exhaustive hyper-drive hysterically hitting at Sarah Palin and Tea Party America, the Prog Head punch lines are now sputtering out into futile flecks of spittle and foam.

Even though Crazy Chris had lots of time to prepare for Governor Perry’s anticipated presidential announcement, the Matthews’ mentality could only manage the wimpy nerdy nastiness of the second-rate blowhard when confronted with the tough guy from Texas.  I think Mr. SoftBall is feeling a very different kind of tingle in these post-progressive days of a Perry presidential run.  And that feeling is F-E-A-R.

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2 Responses to Chris Matthews: It’s the Rick Perry Tingle

  1. Ceeto says:

    You said it all, Jeanne. My contribution: It is not a “Tingle” anymore, it is the “crap” in their pants, from the “F-E-A-R”, OOZING, down their legs, now!


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