Flash Mob Punks: Just Say It—They’re BLACK!

Violent attacks by gangs of young thugs who assault strangers in the streets, smash storefront windows, vandalize cars, and crash into retail businesses stealing everything in sight are aggressively on the rise.  But despite the wholesale news coverage of these sickening scenes of mob violence by local and national media, there has been nary a mention of the one obvious fact that our parental guardians of progressive propaganda are loath to disclose: the Flash Mob punks are black.

And of course, if any of the liberal talking heads do dare to address the glaring racial component to these frightening crimes, expect the usual unctious palaver about the poor oppressed youngsters who would all magically turn into solid citizens if only those nasty taxpaying people would pony up with more big government programs.  After all, what would upper class white people have to live for if they couldn’t perpetually rescue other races.

But in Philadelphia, where two recent flash mob attacks have left the Center City business community reeling, Mayor Nutter has taken to the pulpit to proclaim the utter truth: it’s a Black problem.  Addressing his fellow church members on Sunday, Mayor Nutter took more than a few politically incorrect shots at black youth and their irresponsible parents.  Thumbs up for the mayor!

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4 Responses to Flash Mob Punks: Just Say It—They’re BLACK!

  1. Ceeto says:

    Can we clone Mayor Nutter? If only, more of the outstanding citizens would speak out against the bad apples in their barrel, ones that give a race, a nationality, a religion, an orientation, etc. the bad name.
    All I can say is “Mr. Mayor, I salute you!”


  2. Chris says:

    This is long overdue. Back before the “welfare state” American blacks were among the most socially and culturally conservative elements in the US, espeically in the South. A close to 80% illegitimacy rate among Afro-Americans is a disaster for all of us.

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