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Government Monopoly on Liquor Sales: What Could Go Wrong

Where might you attempt to purchase a bottle of wine from an error-ridden vending machine that won’t release the grape until you dutifully present the proper identification, stare into a camera monitored by a state public employee, and then huff into a blood-alcohol meter, all before finally swiping your credit card and hopefully getting to buy the blasted bottle at a significantly higher cost than anywhere else in the United States? Welcome to William Penn’s Back Woods of Civilization. Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene: Man-Made Hype

Despite the 24-hour full force coverage of what was billed as one of the most deadly, once-in-a-lifetime tragical events ever to hit the Delaware Valley, Hurricane Irene, a Category 1, repeat, a Category ONE hurricane has caused no major power outages, no overturned cars, no real property damage, no mass destruction, and thankfully, no deaths. But despite the obvious fact that this over-hyped man-made weather extravaganza has failed to deliver on its doomsday pronouncements, the overpaid Talking Headaches here in the Philadelphia metro area continue with the disaster deception. Continue reading

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Awaiting Hurricane Irene

It is now 7:30 PM on Saturday and the citizens of the Philadelphia metropolitan area are awaiting the howling winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Irene. There is also a tornado warning for Kent and Sussex counties down in the state of Delaware adding to the already tight tensions of this wild weekend evening. And with all the super hyper media coverage playing non-stop over the local airwaves, it surely seems that Armageddon is heading our way. Continue reading

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The Perry-Obama Contrast: The Photo Says It All

This photograph, which compares a 20-somthing Rick Perry with an equally young Barack Obama (if that’s what he was calling himself at the time), is more than just a stark contrast between the patriotic Air Force pilot and the academic affirmative action drifter. This Photo-shopped mixed metaphor of two modern day males, also showcases the glaring juxtaposition of the real world full-force engagement of American values and the dorm room weak-willed disconnect of airhead suppositions. Continue reading

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MSNBC Hires Al Sharpton: Conservatives Celebrate

Al ‘The Sham’ Sharpton will be hosting MSNBC’s 6 PM time slot starring in his own slimy version of that cacophonous commentary that passes for progressive news analysis. And now that the executives at MSNBC have reached far down into that Left-wing barrel of rotten activist apples to somehow pull out some semblance of a ratings sensation, we here in Rightville can only smile smugly and send out our best wishes for an all out Sharpton success. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Martha’s Vineyard

For over two years now, we’ve heard all the blather from Left-wing media about the supposed whiteness of Tea Party America and how such a one-tone tint to any group of people should automatically sound off the racist rant. But of course, that declaration from the Democrat Handbook of Progressive Decrees, like every other fraudulent proclamation set forth by these charlatans of shell-game morality, conveniently comes with many fickle footnotes. Continue reading

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The White Obsession of Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is at it again. This incompetent cow is bound and determined to paint the frightening threats to our country’s internal security in spurious shades of white on white. Despite the outrageously obvious profiles of those who are most likely to commit acts of terror in the land of the free, the Department of Homeland Security, like every other governmental and media outlet today, is hell bent on pretending that it can’t possibly be folks of a very different hue who are out to hurt us. Continue reading

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Triple Double Oreos: And You Thought America Was in Decline

Just when you thought that America was descending into the nether depths of Marxist madness and just when you were ready to surrender any hope of ever resuscitating your badly battered 401k, there appears on the happy horizon of gastric goodness a conciliatory sop for your baleful Obama blues: The Triple Double Oreo has arrived. And all is now well with the world. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Obama: The Best Thing That Could Have Happened for Conservatives

Victor Davis Hanson, historian and excellent observer of the American political scene, expressed a viewpoint yesterday in the National Review Online that many of us in the conservative movement have held for some time. Continue reading

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Perry Leading Republican Field in New Poll

Governor Rick Perry has pulled ahead of the Republican pack. Rasmussen has just released their latest poll and the numbers are encouraging for Perry. Continue reading

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Verizon Unions: Send in the Goons

Verizon, the telecommunications company that is currently in the midst of contract disputes with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), is now into its second week of an aggressively nasty union strike. And of course, we all know what that means. Yep, it’s time to bring on the Goons! As Bob Master, Political Director for the CWA stated: There’s nothing wrong, or undemocratic or un-American about militancy—it’s part of our tradition. Indeed it is, Mr. Bob, indeed it is. And here is a sample of some of that criminal, oops, I mean militant, behavior that Mr. Bob’s boys just might have been recently engaged in. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Laying Off Staff

The Wisconsin Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, announced that it is laying off 40% of its staff (42 employees). Now that Wisconsin’s teachers are no longer forced to pay union dues to unions they haven’t voluntarily joined, the WEA’s coffers have been coughing up a big deficit for the union bosses. But it’s not just the loss of union dues that is hurting these solidarity shakedown artists, it’s also the loss of the exclusive right to provide healthcare and medical coverage for its teachers. Continue reading

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The White Liberal Lesbian: A Profile in Kvetching

How many gay women does it take to tell a lesbian light bulb joke? Answer: Two—one to tell the joke and the other to angrily proclaim: I don’t think that’s the least bit funny! Other than chuckling at cheap shots directed at Sarah Palin or nervously tee-heeing at titillating double entendres, the white Lefty Lezzie isn’t exactly known for the healthy psychological talent of not taking herself at all so seriously. In fact, the white-on-white women-loving-women of the Left seem to have a puritanical penchant for virulently viewing themselves as virtuous victims of villainous oppression. Not exactly the lighthearted stuff of self-deprecating humor. Continue reading

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Chris Matthews: It’s the Rick Perry Tingle

If Chris Matthew’s ridiculous remarks about Governor Rick Perry are any thing to go by, it would appear that the poor benighted boobs on the Left have really run out of coherent political commentary. And is it any wonder. After spending the past three years in exhaustive hyper-drive hysterically hitting at Sarah Palin and Tea Party America, the Prog Head punch lines are now sputtering out into futile flecks of spittle and foam. Continue reading

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Rick Perry is Officially IN: Let the Games Begin

It’s now official: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is a publicly proclaimed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. And already up and running is the Rick Perry for President website which went live this afternoon.
Having been sorely disappointed at the motley crew of Republican presidential contenders currently strutting their stuff in Iowa, I’m pleased and more than a bit relieved to see Governor Perry tossing his Texan hat into the political 3-ring circus. I certainly have respect for Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, but quite frankly, neither project that presidential demeanor that is the quintessential quality for any successful candidate running for president today. Continue reading

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Governor Scott Walker and the Recall: On, Wisconsin!

I woke up to great news this morning on discovering that the Democrat-controlled public unions had failed in their attempt to take over the Wisconsin State Senate chamber. Hurrah! Power to the People! We have won yet another hard-fought battle in the war to restore America. Despite spending over $30 million dollars and busing in scores of Astroturf agitators from out-of-state, the unions and their Democrat comrades were still unable to bully and belie their way to victory. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and GoProud Tie the Knot

The contemporary conservative landscape is indeed an interesting panorama. After being jilted by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), GoProud seems to have found acceptance of another sort from within the conservative extended family of fractious fellow travellers. Continue reading

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Flash Mob Punks: Just Say It—They’re BLACK!

Violent attacks by gangs of young thugs who assault strangers in the streets, smash storefront windows, vandalize cars, and crash into retail businesses stealing everything in sight are aggressively on the rise. But despite the wholesale news coverage of these sickening scenes of mob violence by local and national media, there has been nary a mention of the one obvious fact that our parental guardians of progressive propaganda are loath to disclose: the Flash Mob punks are black. Continue reading

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The Taxman Cometh, But For Who?

Ding Dong. It ain’t Avon calling. Continue reading

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Business Woman Tells it Like it is: Apologize, Obama!

Perhaps if Mr. Obama took some time away from his deferred-hope-and-change fundraisers, his progressive pop star parties, and his many many games of golf and bothered to catch a glimpse of Amilya Antonetti’s righteous rant on Fox News, he just might realize what the rest of the world has already figured out: business support for his presidency is slip sliding away. Continue reading

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Progressives in Peril: It’s the Elitism, Stupid!

With the debt ceiling battles behind us for now, the Democrats are acting out a sorry sense of rage and frustration in their usual brat attack fashion. Unfortunately for them, the nasty name-calling campaign is only giving their leadership credibility once again a very big black eye. Yet we must have some sympathy for the Democrat devil, for after all, this poor fallen fellow is totally dumbfounded by the titanic turn of political events. The progressive Word might have been made flesh back in that wonder year of 2008 but I don’t think that 2012 will be serving up a Second Coming. Continue reading

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Italy Moves to Ban the Burqa

Since August marks the commencement of Ramadan, I felt it quite fitting for we in the West to receive the very good news today that Italy is taking steps to ban the burqa. Continue reading

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