CPAC and GOProud: Apparently Not Perfect Together

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has informed GOProud that they will not be invited to serve as a co-sponsor for their upcoming 2012 event.  And the formal exclusion of the only national organization that represents conservative gays and lesbians is causing a bit of a buzz within the right-of-center community. Andrew Breitbart, the conservative alternative media king, has declared that he will not attend CPAC 2012 in personal protest against the GoProud exclusion.  And Roger Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media, has also joined the boycott battlecry.

I too am exceedingly disappointed that CPAC has taken this tack especially now when coalition-building is of paramount importance.  But this backlash boondoggle does not surprise me.  Yes, conservative gays and lesbians have made significant gains in seeking acceptance within those traditional conclaves of Right thinking.  The very fact that GOProud served as a co-sponsor of CPAC for two years running and that now their exclusion is causing just as much controversy as their inclusion did, accentuates the progress we have made in maneuvering our way over the shifting sands of the modern American conservative movement.  Progress in the journey, however, does not signify arrival.

As a conservative lesbian, I support GOProud and I decry CPAC’s decision to exclude them from formal participation.  That said, I do not support boycotting CPAC over their sad silly blunder.  I think any boycott of CPAC at this crucial crossroads in our struggle to take back America would be exceedingly counterproductive.

Following is GOProud’s official response to the CPAC snub:

We are deeply disappointed at the decision of the American Conservative Union to bar GOProud from participating in CPAC. They are well within their right to do so, but a decision like this will have consequences.

For the last two years, GOProud has sought to support CPAC and keep the conservative movement united. Unfortunately, elements inside and outside of ACU have pushed their own narrow, divisive and sometimes personal agenda. They have done so at the expense of the conservative movement.

What is truly sad is that this troubling development takes place at a time when we should be united and focused on defeating Barack Obama.

GOProud has been and will continue to be an outspoken proponent of conservative values and conservative policy. This organization will continue to work to bring conservatives of all stripes together to save this country and defeat the left. Obviously, that work will no longer be done at CPAC, but it will be done.

And here is CPAC’s letter to GOProud.

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7 Responses to CPAC and GOProud: Apparently Not Perfect Together

  1. Mary Posey says:

    I am writing to CPAC to express my disappointment with this decision! I too agree that boycotting would not be a good idea. Like minded conservatives need to unite right now. Keep up the great work, my husband reads your blog regularly too 🙂

  2. JewishLesbian says:

    Maybe exclude Chris Barron, what with all his half and almost nude photos coursing the ‘net; it’s inappropriate and continues to set a bad example. Show me where the same immaturity is displayed for your every-day-conservative, gay or str8. You can’t.

  3. Ceeto says:

    I am so glad you blogged on this disappoiting news, I had read about it on GOProud over the weekend. I am in agreement with you, Jeanne. Why subtract from the advances conservative lesbians and gays have already gained. I believe boycotting would put us two steps backward…let’s keep the gain we already have and work harder and more patiently towards going forward. Not all battles can be won…in the end, it is who won the WAR that matters. If we work toward more acknowledgement and recognition, let’s be smart about it….through patience, respect, being pro-active and not reactive, determination and persistance.
    Glenn, I agree with you about TLC and Jeanne…so here is another Kudos to you Jeanne.


    • “Not all battles can be won…in the end, it is who won the WAR that matters. If we work toward more acknowledgement and recognition, let’s be smart about it….through patience, respect, being pro-active and not reactive, determination and persistance.”

      C, great words of wisdom. I completely agree. And thanks for all your support.

  4. Glen A. Amos says:

    Thanks for this information Jeanne.

    For what it is worth, I too will write Gregg Keller and express my opposition to this counterproductive decision.

    Andrew Breitbart, one of the first to express support of TLC and a person I greatly admire, certainly should follow his conscience with respect to how he responds to this affront. However kudos to you for taking such a well though out and measured response.

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