The Demise of the Democrat Party: Saying Goodbye to all those Coalitions

Don’t look now, but those pesky long-term trends are showing.  And their sneak preview into the American political future bodes bad news for the progressive true believers in the Democrat party.

Richard Miniter, writing an opinion piece over at Forbes, has pinpointed what he sees as the core dilemma for the Democrats as they attempt to MoveOn down that funky freeway of big government largesse.

Democrat champions in the punditocracy confidently predict that the future of the world’s oldest political party is bright.  But in fact, the coalition that is the modern Democratic Party is doomed.  Every pillar upholding its heavy roof is crumbling….It is largely a party of unions, government workers and retirees, “green” industries, “entitlement” payees, professors, teachers and social-change activists — all of whom require government payments in one form or another. The only major element of the Democratic base that doesn’t receive government payments is the professional class (lawyers, engineers, stock brokers and so on).  These high-earners amount to less than 5% of the population and are not reliable Democrat donors.   Forbes

  • Unions. Private sector unions continue to shrink almost to non-existence and public sector unions are finding themselves on the firing line of taxpayers’ righteous wrath.  As state budgets continue to constrict, there will be an ongoing push to limit the power and financial potency of public sector unions.
  • Federal Workers. Close to 3/4 of a million federal workers are slated to retire and these vacancies will not be backfilled as in the past.  With the federal deficit taking center stage, there will be concerted pressure to slash government agencies and their bloated payrolls.
  • Media. Newspapers are losing circulation, laying off employees, and losing editorial influence.  Broadcast news is cutting staff and networks no longer have the ability to single-handedly mold public opinion.  The rise of alternative media will continue to erode old media’s influence as fragmentation intensifies.
  • Professors. The collegiate indoctrination squad is shrinking and university budgets continue to face huge cuts.  The Baby Boom generation of anti-American propagandists and their 1960s outmoded Marxism are headed for retirement and their hegemony over higher education is past its prime.
  • Teachers. Teachers’ unions are experiencing flat to declining enrolments.  Facing increasingly aggressive school boards with diminishing budgets, these unions’ ability to pump big dollars into Democrat coffers is on the slide.
  • Trial Lawyers.  Tort reform at the state level in conjunction with the Supreme Court’s limiting of class action suits results in campaign contribution cuts to the Democrat party.
  • Environmentalists. Public support for extreme green agendas has significantly diminished.  Tort reform and the cutback in government grants is making it difficult for many of these Mother Earth bloodsuckers to survive.
  • State Governments. Blue states are in deep debt and some are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Democrat-controlled cities and counties continue to sink even deeper into destitution, with taxpayers fleeing these progressive wastelands in droves.  With falling revenue comes painful cuts in government spending.

Faced with these harsh political realities, is it any wonder that the Democrat party is pushing for open borders and waving the flag of amnesty at illegal aliens.  Needless to say, our progressive adversaries are desperately seeking suckers.  But don’t assume that the deranged Dems have a clear path to this potential pool of voters.  The Democrat day of tear-jerky empathy for everyone under the sun other than America’s taxpaying tab picker-uppers is fading fast.  There is a very different day a-dawning and it’s just over that 2012 horizon.  Get ready for the change.

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