Men and Divorce: Taking on the Matriarchy

Men are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!  Especially when it comes to the gender-rigged ritual taking place every day in America’s divorce courts.  As husbands come face-to-face with the personal trauma of family divorce, they soon discover that dealing with the emotional pain of a failed marriage is only the prelude to a drawn out sorry saga with themselves cast as the evil male creep.  Trapped within a legal setup that panders to a false feminist view of men and marriage, guys today face financial and personal devastation at the hands of what is euphemistically called Family Law.

But coming to the rescue is at least one law firm that is clearly carving out a needed market niche within the anti-male wasteland of family jurisprudence.  Welcome to Cordell & Cordell, a nation-wide web of Family Law attorneys serving as the standard-bearer for many beleaguered males.  Specializing in representing husbands during divorce proceedings, Cordell & Cordell is not shy about getting its name out there—their ads are broadcast periodically on many of the nation’s conservative Talk Radio shows.

Cordell & Cordell has grown to nearly 50 offices across the country. With more than 100 divorce lawyers focused on men’s family law, we have become one of the largest family law firms serving men in the world.

Men who come to Cordell & Cordell know that their interests and the interests of their children regarding child custody and child support will be aggressively championed.

Our belief is that too often divorce lawyers and even judges resign themselves to stereotypes and thus perpetuate the status quo. We are not suggesting this mentality is malicious or even conscious, but it is prevalent. Cordell & Cordell is here to help men level the playing field in the family court system.

The result is that the judicial system – family lawyers, judges, social workers and the administration – is prone to assume without proof that moms should be awarded primary custody, that men accused of abuse are guilty of abuse, and conversely, that men alleging abuse are lying or overreacting, that women are not as capable of generating income as men are, and that a man is less deserving of assets earned by a woman in alimony and maintenance payment than when the reverse circumstances exist.

Despite these stereotypes, Cordell & Cordell has risen to establish ourselves as a partner men can count on.   Cordell & Cordell

As this field of Family Law continues to expand, perhaps its very growth is signaling a major shift in the anti-male/poor-put-upon female approach to dissolving American marriages.  Time will tell.

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4 Responses to Men and Divorce: Taking on the Matriarchy

  1. Mark says:

    Dear Jeanne,

    It really warms my heart to see the words you have written above, acknowledging the injustice suffered by men in family court and without trying to put any kind of spin on it to make it seem ok.

    I applaud you for writing about this!


    • Thanks, Mark. Men do indeed get a raw deal in divorce and our culture needs to start paying attention to the injustices inflicted on men in the name of being ‘fair’ to the women.

  2. Leo Anderson says:

    Cordell & Cordell is nothing but a ripoff. I was lured in by their fraudulent radio ad and sold with their deceptive sales pitch during initial consultation. In the end all I got was a raw deal and they cost over $15,000.00 (even though I was told during initial consultation that it would be no more than $2500.00 if we could avoid a trial.) Please see other complaints on yahoo local,, NCP, courthouse forum, complaints board, ripoff report. Thank you

  3. Ceeto says:

    I am all for any entrepreneurship that taps into a target audience, where a service is well needed. We fought for equality, this is part of it. We must protect the men as well as the women, equally. As long as, on both sides, everything is fair and balanced. Keep it HONEST and JUST, BOYS!


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