Mark Steyn Sums Up the Deficit Debacle

If anyone has the ability to effectively and laughingly skewer the Left-wing fatted calf of bloated budgets and big government glut, it’s the ever clever pointed pen of Mark Steyn.

Mark Steyn, author, political commentator, and radio talk show host has the hard-hitting knack of knocking down all those progressive palisades of pie-in-the-sky inanities that crowd our cultural landscape today.  And he easily blows away these flimsy liberal phantasms using the double-barrel shotgun of satire and sarcasm.  Whether aiming at the growing global threat of Islamization or zeroing in on the progressive penchant for dreaming the impossible dream, Mark Stein takes no prisoners.

Here are a couple of snippets from Mr. Steyn’s commentary yesterday that appeared in the Orange County Register summing up the federal budget crisis, a Beltway melodrama getting played for all it’s hand-wringing worth by the Lamestream media.  Or as Mark likes to call these propaganda puppets: The Court Eunuchs.

The problem is structural: Not enough people do not enough work for not enough of their lives.  Developed nations have 30-year-old students and 50-year old retirees, and then wonder why the shrunken rump of a “working” population in between can’t make the math add up….demographically speaking, these categories – “adolescents” and “retirees” – are an invention of our own time.  They didn’t exist a century ago.  You were a kid till 13 or so.  Then you worked.  Then you died.

As Obama made plain in his threat to Gran’ma last week that the August checks might not go out, funding nonproductivity is now the principal purpose of the modern state.  Good luck with that at a time when every appliance in your home is manufactured in Asia.

As is the way in Washington, merely announcing that he had a plan absolved Obama of the need to have one.  So the president’s staff got out the extra-wide teleprompter and wrote a really large number on it, and simply by reading out the really large number the president was deemed to have produced a serious blueprint for trillions of dollars in savings.  For his next trick, he’ll walk out on to the stage of Carnegie Hall, announce that he’s going to play Haydn’s Cello Concerto No 2, and, even though there’s no cello in sight, and Obama immediately climbs back in his golf cart to head for the links, music critics will hail it as one of the most moving performances they’ve ever heard.  Orange County Register

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2 Responses to Mark Steyn Sums Up the Deficit Debacle

  1. Ceeto says:

    IHello Jeanne,

    nteresting and informative article. Being fairly new to the political environment, I am not familar with Mark Steyn, but your description sounded very much like Glenn Beck’s sarcasm, of which, I absolutely love! Thanks for the info. I will do my research and find out more about him.


    • C, I first ran across Mark Steyn awhile back when he was filling in on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. He often sits in for Limbaugh and in fact he was just hosting the program last Thurs/Friday. He has a great talent for hoisting the opposition with their own rhetoric.

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