Progressive Portrayals of the Tea Party

Since 2009, us Tea Party folks have endured non-stop defamation and ridicule.  But despite the machine-gunning we’ve taken from all those Pravda impersonators, we have survived the Democrat media’s madhouse bombardment of lies, slanders, and dishonest reporting. And we have not only held fast and furiously to our principles throughout this dirty propaganda war, we have become all the stronger for it.  In this contemporary battle for our American republic, we have gained significant ground, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Lefties damn well know it.

In describing the ongoing metamorphosis of the Left’s strategy in attempting to sideline, dismiss, and outright demonize the Tea Party movement, James Ceaser, Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia and John York, graduate student at UVA, have hit upon seven characterizations that Democrats use to Right us off:

  • They are uneducated poor racists
  • They are uneducated poor dupes
  • They are privileged whites who don’t want to pay their fair share
  • They are folks with understandable concerns, but they don’t comprehend what will solve our problems
  • They are just the old-conservatives rebranded
  • They are parts of a fragile and conflicting coalition
  • Supporters are historical fetishists, concerned with quaint and outmoded things like the principles of the Revolution and the Constitution

But despite all the specious interpretations of what the Tea Party movement is supposed to be about, Ceaser and York point out the obvious clash between the Democrats’ world view and ours: the elite-controlled social justice mega state on the Left and the citizen-focused light-and-lean republic on the Right.

One side wishes a more constrained federal government and greater austerity in our welfare programs. It will hold or cut these programs to the point where it finds it cannot go much further, at which time other remedies may need to be considered. If one wants a model for this approach, it is necessary to look no further than the policies of some of the Red-state governments (or Great Britain). The other side wishes a federal government at and beyond the level of 2008 and beyond the current level. If one wants a model for this approach, the Blue-state of Illinois or California will do just fine. This side will continue to maintain and expand government, cutting national defense to the bone and adding more “revenues,” up to the point it becomes literally unsustainable.  Commentary Magazine

The mirage of intentional confusion that the Left has projected onto America’s TV screens over the past two years is fading and the glaring reality of what this political war is really all about is hitting Americans right between the eyes.  The Democrat’s racism razzle-dazzle has gotten old, but these Lefties can’t seem to invent a more effective battle strategy—just more of the same warmed-over tripe.  Having been unsuccessful with their TV tar-and-feather campaign, they are at a loss as to what to do next.  Do I sense a little desperation wafting through that rarefied Left-wing ozone?

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