Deepak Chopra: Taking Obama Worship to a Higher Plane

For those not familiar with this gilded guru of New Age mind/body magic, Deepak Chopra is a Hindu-born physician and self-styled alternative medicine promoter who has successfully marketed his higher mental plane philosophy through a series of books, business ventures, and lucrative liaisons with various US governmental agencies and universities.  And in between peddling his consciousness-raising wares, this great guardian of supercilious wisdom has also found time to regularly worship at the crumbling clay feet of liberalism’s godhead incarnate.

In his weekly contribution to the elite line-up of opinion hawkers at the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday, Mr. Chopra indulged in a little petulant whine as to just why Americans desperately need Barack Obama, now more than ever!  In an attempt to buck up the liberal base, Chopra chastised his fellow travelers for daring to criticize the anointed one’s regime.  Using a bunch of baseless platitudes and half-baked historical revisions, Chopra stumbled from one trite remark to another in attempting to play out his version of Hail to the Chief.  The whole article was a silly grammar school effort that clearly showed just how much of a light-weight this guy is in the field of political commentary.  

Here are some of the polarizing highlights from the very judgmental, very un-peaceful pen of Deepak Chopra, Spirit Guide for the Liberally Stupid.  And if you can keep a straight face as you scan on down this list of laughable one-liners, you’re a better man or woman than I, Gunga Din.

One of the virtues of being on the liberal side of politics is that total obedience isn’t required.  There are no hidden agendas.  Ideology doesn’t lead to unreason.

Liberal politics is based on a non-regimented, all-inclusive approach to democracy.  Freedom of thought is paramount.

It was such a relief to return to humane, non-ideological governance when President Obama won in 2008 that we underestimated the debasing effect that two generations of right-wing indoctrination have had.

Without being melodramatic, I think the work of undoing decades of reactionary policies has barely begun.  Which is to say that all of us who have taken advantage of our liberal heritage to question and criticize President Obama need to step back and consider the radical nature of the opposition, from the Supreme Court down to the local precinct.

If ever there is a time to stand behind the captain, this is it.  SFGate

Deep, deep thoughts from the transcendental depths of Deepak Chopra. My, my, all that negativity, all that us-versus-them disharmony.  Has the sainted one lost his way?  Has the high priest of universal love, peace, and acceptance forsaken those earthy elemental values to embrace instead the plastic paradise of progressivism?  Perhaps the guru needs some fresh new affirmations to help set his feet firmly once again upon the path of humility and oneness.  Or maybe he just needs to reread all those shallow schlocky books he wrote to get reaquainted with the original schtick that brought him wealth and fame. 

Don’t look now, guru, but your true character is showing and it’s looking like nothing special after all.

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4 Responses to Deepak Chopra: Taking Obama Worship to a Higher Plane

  1. Ceeto says:

    I think Mr. Chopra went a little far, looking, or trying to look into the soul of, as you say, “the anointed one” and found shear EVIL…SCARED THE POO-POO OUT OF HIM. Then saidl. “ah-oh, I better defend Obama, or I will be a CHOPPED UP CHOPRA!……THUS his disconnect statements of MISH-MOSH!!
    WHAT ABSOLUTE FOOLS some people are….do people not see that there is absolutely nothing but darkness in the eyes of that thing sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!!! Wake Up, America!!! You are being played by EVIL himself. Wake up, Deepak, you are in the “Prince of Darkness’ ” trance!!!
    Obama’s ONE and ONLY purpose on this earth is to bring the UNITED STATES of AMERICA…. TO HER KNEE!!
    OVER AND OUT,…….ahhhhhhhh, I feel better now!!!

  2. Linda says:

    Good article. He should stick to things he knows about. Although after reading this I’m not sure what that is exactly. I would not trust him with the choice of my next meal, let alone my President.

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