Janine Turner: From Northern Exposure to Constitutional Consciousness

If you adored the fictional character of Maggie O’Connell from the 1990s hit TV series Northern Exposure you’ll love the real life Janine Turner, conservative activist and personal promoter of the US Constitution. Having played the feisty female free-spirit bush pilot earning her crust in the backwoods of Alaska, Ms. Turner is now involved in a multi-faceted career as actress, author, singer, songwriter, radio host, rancher, and political advocate.  And contrary to the Hollywood penchant for promoting Lefty causes while giving a living almost exclusively to like-minded liberal actors who parrot their progressive scripts, Ms. Turner has bucked the politically incestuous cronyism of Tinsel Town to make her own independently minded mark on our tumultuous contemporary scene.

Janine’s latest venture is the establishment of a non-profit organization that focuses on educating children and adults on the value of the US Constitution.  Launched last year with her business partner, Cathy Gillespie, Constituting America is looking to re-revolutionize America one school kid at a time.

Constituting America’s mission is to utilize new and innovative means in order to reach, educate and inform America’s citizens and youth about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.  Constituting America

Constituting America is a very informative website and offers lesson plans for teachers, contests for kids, and patriot clubs.  The site is predominately geared toward school children but the adults are not forgotten here.  One of the site’s main features is a 90-day analysis forum offering an article by article discussion of the Constitution with insights from constitutional scholars, the site’s creators, and its readers. 

Ms. Turner resides in her home state of Texas on a 300-acre cattle ranch with her teen-aged daughter, Juliet Turner-Jones, who serves as Constituting America‘s National Youth Director.  Yep, this is very much a family affair.  And now that I’ve bought the Northern Exposure TV series on DVD, I’ll enjoy the episodes even more knowing that the part of Maggie O’Connell is played by the genuine article.

Constituting America is a 501(c)(3) organization that is helping to take back America.  Feel free to place a couple of bucks in their coffers in support of their extremely important mission.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.   Thomas Jefferson


Meanwhile, over at the Brick, Maggie and Joel are experiencing that primal erotic urge that comes each Spring to the citizens of Cicely, Alaska when the ice pack begins to break.

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4 Responses to Janine Turner: From Northern Exposure to Constitutional Consciousness

  1. Michael Samuel says:

    i love northern exposure and anything related so, really nice post. Maggie is so self-assured its inspiring the see that the character traits transcend into the actresses life

  2. Ceeto says:

    Nice article on Janine Turner. Nice to see and know people who stand up for what they believe, regardless of the Hollywood lunicy. Great link for Constituing America. I sent this to my few friends and relatives, whom I know will take the time to read it and share the website with their children and grand-children. The 90-day forum looks interesting. I will go there to refresh my own knowledge and will most likely learn a great deal of info, myself.
    I usualy watch FOX News each night…I must have missed Ms. Turner back in May.
    Thanks for keeping us so informed.

    • I was just channel surfing and there was Janine Turner on one of the Christian stations talking about reading the bible. Conservative and Christian–wow! No wonder she has had a hard time finding regular acting gigs with the Hollywood moguls. But she’s making her own way like many other talented non-liberal people. Good for her. And yes, her Constituting America site is really informative. I’m going through the 90-day forum too, C.

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