The Undefeated: Mrs. Palin Prevails

The Undefeated, a film portraying Sarah Palin as heroic protagonist.  My, oh my, how could such cinematic scenes of pro-conservative propaganda have found their way into the public sphere for mass consumption?  Great god almighty!  A movie has been produced that fails to feature the progressive imprimatur! And all those pathetic yobs, that the Left laughingly refers to as The People, will be instructed with a counter-revolutionary message.  Oh no!  Could the proletariat be growing restless?  Could there be a cultural power shift underway?  Could it really be true that the Tea Party mentality is on the move?

Stephen Bannon’s documentary of the political rise of Sarah Palin is scheduled to be released on Friday, July 15th.  And the film promises a hard-hitting look at Governor Palin’s battle with Big Oil in the wilds of Alaska as well as her media martyrdom at the hands of TV talking heads and Hollywood hipsters.

Jim Geraghty of the National Review Online provided his take on The Undefeated:

Before the screening, Bannon mentioned that I and other political reporters were about to watch the “X-rated version,” as opposed to a “XXX-rated version” that he envisions being released on DVD someday. Within the first four minutes, the reason for that cryptic remark was clear, and the X rating is well deserved: The worst sneers, insults, and furious denunciations from Palin’s enemies are presented in their original language, sans any bleeps. (A version in theaters is likely to bleep out the worst ones.) The F word and the C word make multiple appearances. What’s remarkable is that the acidic comments from comedians such as David Letterman, Joan Rivers, Rosie O’Donnell, and Tracey Morgan aren’t really jokes. There’s no punch line per se; calling Palin “slutty” or a “whore,” or offering some other (usually sexual) insult, apparently is supposed to be the punch line.

By far, the most eye-opening part of the film — and no doubt, most useful to the presidential hopes of Palin — is the second act, detailing Palin’s time as Alaska’s governor. Oil companies are the relentless villain of Alaskan politics; in retrospect it seems bizarre that the woman most hated by modern liberals spent so much of her career fighting tooth and nail with oil-company executives. During this whole stretch, there isn’t a partisan note. Alaskan politics is painted as a rigged game benefiting the politically powerful and influential with the citizenry getting the short end of the stick, time and again — until Palin appears on the scene.  National Review Online

Mrs. Palin has sure given those snots on the Left a run for their money.  And whatever her political future, this lady has already won big.

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5 Responses to The Undefeated: Mrs. Palin Prevails

  1. I for one AM saying that she is the one, and that she will get into the race. In fact, I believe she is in it now, and has been for months. I too think she is outstanding in her planning, and in knowing just the right move to make, at the perfect time. I think she is waiting for her own reasons, perhaps to let the others make their gaffes.

    The mudslinging will be worse in 2012 than in 2008. I can imagine that this will be the most vicious and vile campaign season our country has ever seen. The radical organized left will be crazed with desperation, as this is the closest they’ve gotten to their decades-long move to ‘fundamentally transform America.’ They also know something that many conservatives don’t know: that Sarah Palin is the real deal, and presents the greatest actual threat to their agenda that they’ve seen in decades. Maybe ever.

    I will, of course, vote for whomever wins the GOP nomination, but I will work tirelessly doing all I can to help it be Palin who wins that nomination.

    I saw the movie Saturday afternoon. It was great, as I expected it to be. I have read her books, and thought I knew most of the facts about her. I learned one important thing though. She is the same now as she was all those years ago when she ran for mayor. She has been saying the same things, about economic growth and how to do it, about the quality of personal liberty, and the greatness of this country (and her state) all these years. Consistent. The woman has a true north on her inner compass.

    • I think Sarah Palin’s contribution to the Tea Party movement and to conservatives in general is immeasureable. By simply being the focus of the Left’s viciousness and withstanding it all, she has weakened them tremendously. And you’re right, the mudslinging will be worse in 2012.

      I haven’t seen the Undefeated yet, but have heard good things about it.

  2. Ceeto says:

    I do not pretend to know what is in the minds of people, but I get a strong sense of brillance in the mind of Sarah Palin. I believe the woman may out strategize every single running candidate. I probably am totaly wrong on this…but I am thinking we MAY be about to witness a brillant strategic political move on Mrs. Palin part, by executing this documentary. The timing seems just right!
    This is the type of thinking that I would like to see leading this country. Someone BOLD, STRONG and THINKS OUTSIDE THE BOX a bit for solutions and NOT AFRAID to DO IT!!! I
    I am not saying she is the one…or she will get in the race, but she certainly has my attention and has me thinking!!!

    • Bold, strong, and thinking out of the box are good descriptors of her. I think it was Dennis Miller who said on his talk radio program last week that Sarah Palin has made the political journey for Michele Bachmann and other conservative women so much easier because the Left can’t use the ‘dumb slut’ routine on them like they did with Mrs. Palin without their misogyny showing front and center and their credibility totally tanking. Because the attacks against her have been so vicious and so relentless, I think many folks, even liberals, have been disgusted by the nasty hatefulness of it all. And that barrage of Lefty hate has only served to weaken them.

      • Ceeto says:

        Definitly agree with you, Jeanne. Mrs. Palin has been the battering shield for others to pass through without the viciousness. I hope all women who enter the political arena, regardless of being on the Right or Left, realize what Mrs. Palin has actually done for all of them and the sarafices she paid.
        Hopefully, the name calling and the mud slinging will stop and all the children will play nice….and stick to the issues plaguing our wonderful country.!!!! We can only hope!

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