Multicultural ‘Feminists’: Apologists for Violence

When Rumana Manzur was attacked by her husband in their home last month in the town of Dhaka in Bangladesh, there was an international outcry over this homegrown act of violence.  What made this particular incident of spousal assault such a global cause célèbre was the outrageous brutality inflicted upon this poor woman.  Rumana Manzur’s husband gouged out her eyes, bit off part of her nose, and beat her so badly that she is currently unable to walk.

But there is another crucial element that has helped to push this horrible act of barbarity front and center onto the stage of public discourse: Rumana Manzur is an academician.  Ms. Manzur holds an Assistant Professorship at Dhaka University but she is also pursuing graduate studies as a Fulbright scholar at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  And it is at this Western crossroads of clashing cultures where the pampered and protected world of academic feminism and progressive multiculturalism collide head on with the savage and uncivilized realities facing Third World women.

Welcome to the University of Venus, the home-away-from-home for Generation X feminists, the current torch-bearers for a very old and feckless form of intellectual tripe.  You know the type, the academic darlings who never weary of the worn-out chant proclaiming the caste system of progressivism’s raison d’être: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia.  The two isms and the one phobia stated in exact rank order of importance to the devout apostles of progressivism. And that creates a very knotty dilemma for modern-day feminists who just can’t seem to break out of that rigid Left-wing caste system that relegates the lives of women around the world to backseat status. 

But our GenX breed of know-your-place sisters at the University of Venus seem to have no problem shilling for the bigger and better cause of catering to Third World males and their killer cultures.  The University of Venus is an online community of 40 something feminists who describe their intellectual endeavor thusly:

The University of Venus is a collaborative venture bringing together the voices of GenX women in higher education from around the globe…We are the “new breed of heroes”…As GenXers, we take a multidimensional point of view. We are the first generation to embrace difference in society: racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, national, religious, and linguistic. Drawing upon our extensive networks, we will bring many voices to the conversation, highlighting higher education issues around the world.

New Breed of HeroesMany Voices.  Hmmm.  Well let’s take a look at this updated version of higher educational wisdom.  What do these heroic academicians have to say about the brutal assault against Rumana Manzur, a member of their university inner circle, a sister of their very own?

Afshan Jafar, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Connecticut College, in her response entitled Death by Culture?, states that the assault against Manzur reminds her of just why coverage of violence in Other, non-Western countries must be approached so very differently.  Yes, Ms. Jafar capitalized the word ‘other’.  Sort of gives you a hint as to where this intellectual giant is going with her apologetic progressive regurgitation.

…instead of approaching these incidents as something “barbaric,” I encourage my students to analyze them as practices that are embedded in particular economic, political, cultural and global contexts. I am haunted by the thought that instead, some of my students may still come away thinking that life in other parts of the world is simply savage and brutal….The fact is, domestic abuse and violence against women and girls is a serious issue in Western countries as well, but these issues rarely receive the attention they deserve.

And here is Melanie Fullick, a PhD student at York University in Canada.  Although Ms. Fullick begins to touch on the core issue, the clash of cultural values, she branches off into the prescribed progressive newspeak to rant against the Racism, Sexism, Homophobia in the West in her article entitled Untold Stories of Internationalization.

And though gendered violence is more prevalent in countries where women’s rights are restricted, it’s not merely a “foreign” phenomenon. The attack also reminds us in a very discomforting way of the violence against women that persists in this country (Canada), particularly for indigenous women. This is abuse that happens in “our own backyard” and even in our homes, much of it still unreported.

And last but certainly not least is Lee Skallerup Bessette who has a PhD in Comparative Literature.  While counting her blessings on being one of the lucky women to live a privileged lifestyle in the West, Ms. Bessette opts out of outright condemnation of Third World misogyny and decides instead to make it her life’s mission to nitpick Western academia to death on any and every imagined slight to the female intelligentsia.  In her article entitled I Can Only Speak for Myself, Ms. Bessette basically plays the cop-out card.

…we tend to hide behind the veil of privilege and class, behind the assumption that inequalities don’t, can’t exist in such enlightened spaces (Western universities). We are made to feel guilt or shame because, really, we should feel fortunate, if not grateful, that we do not face the kind of oppression that Manzur and her daughter have just been subjected to….Think global, act local. I will continue to work to expose the inequality here, with the aim of making everyone more sensitive to the equalities that exist everywhere.

Ah, the New Heroes of academia treading those humdrum and well-worn paths of progressivism.  And all those Many Voices from the University of Venus that strangely seem to sound all alike.  How aptly named—Venus, from the Latin venerari, to please. Our academic women of the West, offering their servile services to their Lefty male counterparts in higher education by dutifully dropping to their faux feminists knees to give the boys’ Third World comrades a free-pass blow job.  Yes, the new and improved Sisterhood, the Prostitutes of Progressivism, plying their pseudo-intellectual trade of convoluted obfuscation and outrageous cowardice.

Did you notice the similar themes running through each wonder woman’s multicultural apologia?  And the not-so-subtle tactic of bait-and-switch discourse to get their readers to focus on the sins of the West instead of the misogynistic atrocities embedded in Third World cultures? Better to zero in on Western injustices—it’s so politically, culturally, and physically safe and it will certainly help advance one’s career through the exulted halls of Big Ed.  So in essence, our three New Age damsels at the University of Venus have thrown the battered body of Rumana Manzur under their happy hands-around-the-globe multicultural minibus.

The Bangladeshi police didn’t even arrest Manzur’s husband until there was an international outcry.  Manzur comes from a privileged class so her plight caught the media’s attention.  The husband is claiming Manzur committed adultery and therefore he was justified in venting his anger.  In Bangladesh, where domestic violence is winked at and enforcement of domestic violence laws is almost non-existent, the husband will probably get off scot-free.

And here in the West, our phony intelligentsia continue to nudge-nudge-wink-wink their way through yet another multicultural bullcrap day.  But anyone who has really looked at the disfigured face of Rumana Manzur, knows in their heart of hearts that hers is the true countenance of the multicultural madness that has fried the soft-boiled brains of too many bookish broads.

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10 Responses to Multicultural ‘Feminists’: Apologists for Violence

  1. GV says:

    There’s a war coming – a BIG one. A war between the protectors of progress and all that is good (the warriors of the 2000s), and those that seek to preserve the barbarism of the 1600s. We found out the hard way that the barbaric aren’t content with their own borders. Three-thousand Americans paid for that kind of thinking. We found out that to ignore the poisonous snake in the basement is dangerous and foolish. We may never have declared war on this demented ideology if not for 9/11.

    But the BIG one’s coming. The good are on a collision course with these freakin medieval monsters. They will always hate us – our freedom, our progress, our women enjoying liberties as men do…

    …I guarantee you that these Venusians will write eloquent, scathing editorials about how cruel we are, the protectors of their right to write that shit! Until sharia hits the shores. Then you damn well better believe that those feminists cowards will be the first to don the burqa.


    • Sorry, but I had to edit some of your comments.

      I think you make a good point—these women would indeed be the first to wear the burqa, in solidarity with thier Third World brothers. For me, the biggest threat to our way of life is the Western dogma of multiculturalism. It must be challenged and exposed again and again for the suicidal poison that it indeed is.

  2. Ceeto says:

    Jeanne, you got me going on this one:
    In the United States men (or women) who beat, rape, torture,etc. are bad, angry sick people. We are not brought up as a culture to do these awful behaviors. We punish by law these behaviors…we do not protect those who act out these behaviors.

    I did a little research on Bangladesh laws and constitution and found this:

    Article 28: #2– (2) Women shall have equal rights with men in all spheres of the State and of public life.
    Now read this from: Women Living Under Muslim Law (the link is below)
    “The Bangladesh Constitution declares equal rights for men and women in all spheres of public life. So where lies the contradiction? The word ‘public’ seems to be a major clue to solving this riddle. It is only in the spheres of state and public life that equality is guaranteed through the Constitution. This means that in the private or personal sphere women are pretty much on their own. So even if her husband for whatever reason continuously tortures a woman, until she is killed, the state is unlikely to intervene, as it is too shall we say, gentlemanly to invade the privacy of the individual. The result is that women continue to be treated as inferior human beings by their husbands and by a society that tends to victimise victims instead of help them.”

    So, perhaps Jafar, Fullick and Bessett need to rethink their statements on the subject of “who is barbaric”
    The actions, no matter who or what country, are barbaric…but the country that amends a constitution with protecting this “barbaric” behavior…well you can complete the sentence.


    • What these university women do is parrot the dogma–they aren’t academicians; they’re missionaries and propagandists as well as career opportunists. They take individual instances of violence against women and conveniently take those events out of cultural context.

      You’re exactly right, C. Our institutions, our media (for the most part), our public and private agencies would be in an uproar to condemn and punish the perpetrator, to look at how such an act could have happened, and how to prevent such barbarism from occuring in the future. As opposed to Bangladesh and many other Third World societies where there is no uproar, there is no unified, organized cry of outrage. NONE. Instead, only a handful of brave souls who try to buck their countries entreched backwardness and end up hurt, dead, or on the run.

    • And this was a great link, C. Thanks.

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    Ceeto, as I was reading this TLC post, I too thought of Glenn Beck and also Andrew Breitbart.

  4. Ceeto says:

    First I apologize for my misspelling on my prevous message. Happy Independence Day to you also! Second: I agree with Glen about your amazing talent for recognizing and correctly reporting these impacting issues. Third: I would like to THANK YOU for making visible these issues that are probably somewhere on a back page. I feel so much better informed each time I read your website. When I read the issues you bring to our attention, I find myself doing more research on the subject you brought to light. In a way, you remind me , a little,of Glenn Beck…”here is some information….now go an research it yourself.. That is what I do, after reading your blogs…. go and find more information and then I am able to see better, the point of view that you report, but also defining my point of view. I THINK THAT IS WHAT A TRUE JOURNALIST IS SUPPOSED TO DO! Inform you of the true issues. Stand up for those who cannot. Bring to light the lack of justice, lack of human decency and respect. EH?? Evoke curiosity for others to truly inform themselves??!! Make you dig futher for the truth? Find and define their own thought, point of views and beliefs. So thank you for the time you take each day to jump-start my self-discoveies.


    • Thanks so much for your very kind words, C. When I started this blog back in 2009, I thought it was just a way for me to blow off steam and also let the world know that there are lesbians who aren’t progressive Stepford clones. But I’ve come to really value the input from those folks like yourself who take the time to comment on TLC—it’s the give and take dialogue that really gives meaning and life to any blog. And I think it’s fabulous that we have lesbians, gays, and straight men and women, most of whom identifying as conservative, coming together at this small internet juncture. Who would have thought.

  5. Glen A. Amos says:

    If only more of our “main-stream” journalist had your talent for recognizing and accurately reporting on issues that impact us all. My heart goes out to Rumana Manzur and all who suffer from abuse by those who should be protecting and loving them.

    Those you quoted from the University of Venus are enablers of the torture and murder of women in third world countries. This reminds me of the hypocrisy of those who rant against America and demand reparation for slavery in the US that existed 150 years ago but care not at all about the slave trade in Africa going on today. Why isn’t the University of Venus shedding light on the sex slave market targeting children of both sexes in Thailand and other SEA countries? No, those are not topics of interest to academia.

    • Glen, you raise some excellent points. These ‘feminists’ are indeed enablers of violence and their cushy hypocricy knows no bounds. And you’re dead on target about the slave trade in Aftica–but to focus on such horrors by Third World people would splinter the progressive mindset, hence, the outrageous silence from our media. I think the world is ready for a new women’s movement and it’s coming from the conservative side of the political tracks,.

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