Teachers Union Develops PowerPoint Intimidation Strategy

For those poor overpaid teachers in the Neshaminy School District in Bucks County PA, life is so very frustrating and so very unfair!  Unable to get the School Board to bow to their wishes and continue with the fairy tale salaries, endless pay raises, absolutely free healthcare, and fewer and fewer hours of actual work, these six-figure proletariat have resorted to some pretty petty, mean-spirited approaches to getting their own way. From refusing to attend Back To School Nights to threatening to withhold college admission recommendations for their students, the Neshaminy teachers have stomped out their temper tantrums to no avail.  And under the union leadership of their President, Louise Boyd, the nasty unprofessional behavior and the Give Me Or Else attitude will continue to bring the Neshaminy teachers nothing but bad press and public condemnation.

But now Ms. Boyd and the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers (NFT) have decided it’s time to crank up the old Left-wing solidarity slime ball machine.  Time to add a little intimidation and harassment to their revolutionary repertoire.  

As part of a presentation to the union faithful back on May 31st, the NFT leadership offered a 31-page PowerPoint presentation that included this little interesting gem of potential times to come.  Note the reference to picketing the homes and workplaces of School Board members and the Phone Connect strategy directed at the School Board. Phone Connect is a telemarketing term for robo-calling, where pre-recorded computer-generated messages bombard homeowners with one nuisance call after another.  

Well, forewarned is forearmed as they say.  And it’s also quite nice to know that someone within the union camp was willing to slip this bit of information to a Neshaminy School Board member, William O’Connor, whose blog, Neshaminy Info, keeps the local taxpayers updated.  Mr. O’Connor and the other brave souls serving the school district are to be commended for their guts and fortitude.  Ms. Boyd, however, should be ashamed of herself.

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2 Responses to Teachers Union Develops PowerPoint Intimidation Strategy

  1. Ceeto says:

    Hats off to Mr. O’Conner for proposing to ignore their shameful behavior, and not feed their selfish appetites. Boyd and her followers are wanting the Board to make a big WhooHA…about this, only to bring it to the attention of press…so do not give the press anything to write about…except for the continued bad behavior of Boyd and her “Gimme” teachers.
    Go! Mr. O’Conner…!


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