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CPAC and GOProud: Apparently Not Perfect Together

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has informed GOProud that they will not be invited to serve as a co-sponsor for their upcoming 2012 event. And the formal exclusion of the only national organization that represents conservative gays and lesbians is causing a bit of a buzz within the right-of-center community. Andrew Breitbart, the conservative alternative media king, has declared that he will not attend CPAC 2012 in personal protest against the GoProud exclusion. And Roger Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media, has also joined the boycott battlecry. Continue reading

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The Demise of the Democrat Party: Saying Goodbye to all those Coalitions

Don’t look now, but those pesky long-term trends are showing. And their sneak preview into the American political future bodes bad news for the progressive true believers in the Democrat party. Continue reading

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Men and Divorce: Taking on the Matriarchy

Men are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! Especially when it comes to the gender-rigged ritual taking place every day in America’s divorce courts. As husbands come face-to-face with the devastating trauma of divorce, they soon discover that dealing with the emotional pain of a failed marriage is only the prelude to a drawn out sorry saga with themselves cast as the evil male creep. Trapped within a legal setup that panders to a false feminist view of men and marriage, guys today face financial and personal devastation at the hands of what is euphemistically called Family Law. Continue reading

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Mass Murder in Norway: The End of Multicultural Opposition?

Bruce Bawer, literary critic, author, and political commentator, has been quite outspoken through the years concerning the very real dangers of the rising tide of Islamification throughout Europe. As a gay man living in Oslo, Norway, Bawer’s political and social observations as an ex-patriot American hunkered down within the fire zones of European multiculturalism give his opinion pieces much more power and credibility than the soppy liberal soliloquies coming out of US universities. Continue reading

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Mark Steyn Sums Up the Deficit Debacle

If anyone has the ability to effectively and laughingly skewer the Left-wing fatted calf of bloated budgets and big government glut, it’s the ever clever pointed pen of Mark Steyn. Mark Steyn, author, political commentator, and radio talk show host has the hard-hitting knack of knocking down all those progressive palisades of pie-in-the-sky inanities that crowd our cultural landscape. And he easily blows away these flimsy liberal phantasms using the double-barrel shotgun of satire and sarcasm. Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra: Taking Obama Worship to a Higher Plane

For those not familiar with this gilded guru of New Age mind/body magic, Deepak Chopra is a Hindu-born physician and self-styled alternative medicine promoter who has successfully marketed his higher mental plane philosophy through a series of books, business ventures, and lucrative liaisons with various US governmental agencies and universities. And in between peddling his consciousness-raising wares, this great guardian of supercilious wisdom has also found time to regularly worship at the crumbling clay feet of liberalism’s godhead incarnate. Continue reading

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Progressive Portrayals of the Tea Party

Since 2009, us Tea Party folks have endured non-stop defamation and ridicule. But despite the machine-gunning we’ve taken from all those Pravda impersonators, we have survived the Democrat media’s madhouse bombardment of lies, slanders, and dishonest reporting. And we have not only held fast and furiously to our principles throughout this dirty propaganda war, we have become all the stronger for it. In this contemporary battle for our American republic, we have gained significant ground, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Lefties damn well know it. Continue reading

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Viagra and the TSA: Getting it Up for the Pat Down

Ah, how satisfying is that funky feel of sweet revenge. And how empowering to stand erect when coming face-to-face with bureaucratic bullies. What better way to confront the grasping hands of government TSA agents than by giving these molesting men and women their biggest grope of a life time. Continue reading

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Janine Turner: From Northern Exposure to Constitutional Consciousness

If you adorned the fictional character of Maggie O’Connell from the 1990s hit TV series Northern Exposure you’ll love the real life Janine Turner, conservative activist and personal promoter of the US Constitution. Continue reading

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QVC to Jane Fonda: Hit the Road, Jane!

Get out your hankies everybody and cry, cry those big crocodile tears. Miss Jane Fonda, has been yanked from QVC! Oh the injustice of it all! Why is this poor aging rich girl perpetually harassed by an unrelenting right-wing conspiracy that will not forget nor forgive her prime time political posturing during the Vietnam War? Continue reading

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The Undefeated: Mrs. Palin Prevails

The Undefeated, a film portraying Sarah Palin as heroic protagonist. My, oh my, how could such cinematic scenes of pro-conservative propaganda have found their way into the public sphere for mass consumption? Great god almighty! A movie has been produced that fails to feature the progressive imprimatur! And all those pathetic yobs, that the Left laughingly refers to as The People, will be instructed with a counter-revolutionary message. Oh no! Could the proletariat be growing restless? Could there be a cultural power shift underway? Could it really be true that the Tea Party mentality is on the move? Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! Continue reading

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Multicultural ‘Feminists’: Apologists for Violence

When Rumana Manzur was attacked by her husband in their home last month in the town of Dhaka in Bangladesh, there was an international outcry over this homegrown act of violence. What made this particular incident of spousal assault such a global cause célèbre was the outrageous brutality inflicted upon this poor woman. Rumana Manzur’s husband gouged out her eyes, bit off part of her nose, and beat her so badly that she is currently unable to walk. Continue reading

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Teachers Union Develops PowerPoint Intimidation Strategy

For those poor overpaid teachers in the Neshaminy School District in Bucks County PA, life is so very frustrating and so very unfair! Unable to get the School Board to bow to their wishes and continue with the fairy tale salaries, endless pay raises, absolutely free healthcare, and fewer and fewer hours of actual work, these six-figure proletariate have resorted to some pretty petty, mean-spirited approaches to getting their own way. From refusing to attend Back To School Nights to threatening to withhold college admission recommendations for their students, the Neshaminy teachers have stomped out their temper tantrums to no avail. Continue reading

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Herman Cain: The Real Intellectual Deal

Since a couple of TLC readers have expressed their unequivocal support for Herman Cain for the presidential Republican nomination, I thought it was high time I got to know Mr. Cain a little better. And I have to admit I like what I’m discovering. Mr. Cain has genuine intellectual attainments, unlike the Affirmative Action phony baloney credentials laid upon the undeserving shoulders of the progressive paragon of Ivy League entitlement known as Barack Obama. Herman Cain is the Real Deal when it comes to smarts, hard work, definitive accomplishments, business stewardship, proven leadership, and overall integrity. Obama is a moral and mental dwarf in comparison to this man. Continue reading

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