Neshaminy Teachers Union: More, More, More

As a follow-up to my post on Victor Davis Hanson’s apt description of the socialist entitlement frame of reference, I’d like to highlight a local example of the More, More, More Mentality. And of course, it involves an ongoing battle between strapped taxpayers and a greedy teachers’ union.

A vicious struggle between taxpayers and it’s teachers’ union is being played out in the Neshaminy School District in the northeast suburbs of Philadelphia.  The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and their President, Louise Boyd, have waged a nasty battle over their never-ending entitlement war with the district’s property owners.

Here are the poor down-trodden Neshaminy teachers at the school board meeting held the other night.  These ‘professionals’ screamed and shouted at any speaker who came to the podium with an opinion different from theirs.  Ah, it was quite a civics lesson for the young pupils in their care who came to see American democracy in action.

Working without a contract for the past three years, the teachers’ union is attempting to portray itself as the victim of a recalcitrant and uncaring school board that refuses to negotiate fairly.  But just take a look at what these union fat cats are demanding in their new contact:

  • 4% per year increases for 2008 through 2011; 6% increases for 2012 and 2013; and 6.5% increase for 2014.
  • Retirement for teachers after 15 years of service with full healthcare benefits
  • A retirement ‘bonus’ of $27,500 as a good-bye present from the taxpayers
  • Longevity pay in additional to other salary increases
  • A shorter work week than any other school district in the county
  • Continuation of their Rolls Royce healthcare plan costing local taxpayers approximately $30,000 for family coverage per teacher per year.  Currently teachers contribute nothing at all for these top-of-the-line benefits.
  • Non-Masters degree ‘equivalency’ salary credits

The Neshaminy district teachers are the most highly compensated teachers in the state of Pennsylvania.  Over 88% of them make in excess of $90k annually.  Out of 663 certified teachers in the district, 273 teachers make between $90,000 and $100,000, 244 make between $95,000 and $100,000, 64 make between $100,000 and $110,000, and 6 make over $110,000.  Don’t forget that teachers work approximately 10 months out of the year.  And of course, these Neshaminy prima donnas are also getting one heck of a Cadillac healthcare plan that provides coverage for themselves and their family members absolutely FREE.

The President of the Neshaminy Teachers Union, Louise Boyd, seems to rely on a negotiating strategy that pushes confrontation along with we-care-about-the-kids palaver.  Some of her leadership tactics have come under fire by parents and students and her arrest last Fall for drinking while driving has not helped to burnish her image as an appropriate role-model for the children she teaches.  By the way, Ms. Boyd makes $97,652 as a high school biology teacher.

Even though these union hacks have it damn good–excellent salaries, free healthcare, lucrative pensions, a shortened work year–it’s still not enough to satiate their More, More, More Mentality.

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2 Responses to Neshaminy Teachers Union: More, More, More

  1. Ceeto says:

    I must live in, as “George, on Seinfeld” calls it, in BIZARRO World….This is part of why I left teaching…because it all came to only one thing….and it was not the children…it was all about following a curriculum that was made by some one who never step foot in a class room, and more, more and more money for a shorter week, more and more admin, work and less teaching, do not discipline your class, and everything else these pinheads are asking for. Just GREEDY, GREEDY PEOPLE! WHAT HAPPENED TO “TEACHING” REAL “TEACHING” OUR FUTURE CITIZENS!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO SERVANT LEADERSHIP? WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING THE ROLE MODEL FOR OUR KIDS! The only thing being taught is ENTITLEMENT!! I know there are good teachers out there, and I know there are some good schools, but they are so much in the minority, now. Please excuse me, but I really get overly passionate about education and our absolutely ridiculous education system in the USA.

    • Go, girl! You’re absolutely right–it’s certainly not about the kids. I could see all the hard feelings and a dig-in-the-heels approach from the union if these teachers were getting a pittance and paying through the nose for healthcare. But far from it—they really believe they’re some kind of special elite performing a job no one else in the world can do.

      There’s a clear line between professional teacher and union goon and these folks crossed that line long ago.

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