GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

Where else but in the political arena of 21st century America could we find a female conservative contender for the presidency, a progressive lesbian activist, and a gay conservative organization all coming together at the interesting online intersection of the Daily Caller, a conservative news site.

Christopher Barron of GOProud comments over at the Daily Caller concerning the glitter bombing incident at the RightOnline Conference.  This act of progressive in-your-face push was directed at Michele Bachmann and was committed by yet another self-important, white middle-class brat (oh sorry, I mean VICTIM) from our American Left-wing homo brigade who obviously believes that the right of free speech and assembly is the exclusive preserve of the spoiled pseudo-oppressed.

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6 Responses to GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

  1. Ceeto says:

    I am in agreement with you Jeanne. NOT one stands out over the others.. I also agree with de Salvia, I do not understand the “glitter” thing. Do these extreme lesbian/gay activist just enjoy embassing themselves, over and over?? This is when I always want to denounce myself from being gay.. I do not deny her freedom of speech, but come on, can it not be done in a little more grownup fashion, perhaps with a little “class”? Perhaps?? “Glitter dust’ ??????????
    I wish one of the candidates had a little of Christy, of NJ in them…a little tough love. “You ask me a question and I will give you a straight answer” kind of candidate. Being from NY, I understand and I am use to the “tough love” approach.
    But, for now , I am anxious to see how Herman Cain develops and grows into the role of a Candidate.

    • I think the glitter girl is just another show-boater, C. Another attention-seeking phony activist who gets to be in the limelight. Now that gay ‘issues’ are the in thing, these folks think they can get away with harassing and haranguing any who oppose their agenda.

      And I agree with you on the Christie effect—we need a candidate who can dish out the tough love.

  2. Benjamin Charles says:

    Her aim sucks, too. 😉
    But unless Bachmann decides that the best policy is to simply leave me and my sexuality alone, I will not support her, nor would I vote for her. And I wouldn’t vote for Santorum at gunpoint.

    Herman Cain 2012!!!

    • Hi Benjamin. I think many conservative gays and lesbians often feel caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to supporting conservative candidates. I respect Bachmann but have no time for Santorum. I haven’t paid enough attention to Cain yet to have a solid opinion. For me, I can and will vote for conservative candidates who oppose gay marriage but when it comes to the openly hostile and virulently anti-gay folks, there is no way they would get my vote–I’d pull the lever for the Libertarian before I’d vote for a Republican like that. But I feel there are some positive changes afoot within the conservative movement and the GOProud feature at the Daily Caller is just a little indication of that.

      • Benjamin Charles says:

        I, too, can vote for someone who opposes same-sex marriage. I’ve never felt the need to, in the words of Ayn Rand, be “clunked on the head with the state’s sword” and told I’m worthwhile. But I am absolutely THROUGH turning a blind eye to the bent-kneed supplicants to the “Family Values” crowd, who have no problem ginning up votes by telling people I’m out there recruiting their kids and trying to sleep with their sons (as if I were wearing a Roman collar). That’s one reason I support Cain, because he isn’t going cap-in-hand to Pastor Wildmon and his ilk. He’s energized me enough that, for the first time in my adult life, I’ve volunteered for a political campaign.

        I’m 40 and came out at 34; hiding’s done! And Wildmon et. al. had better get used to the fact that “their” party is evolving–just like the rest of the world.

        • I’m leery of organizations such as the American Family Association when they rant about ‘promoting the homosexual agenda’. Seeking laws or policies to ensure non-discriminatory practices due to sexual orientation is not a threat to the moral fabric of America, in my humble view, and I think the majority of Americans generally support such an agenda. Gay marriage, however, is another whole kettle of fish.

          But I’m just as leery of many of the LGBT groups that I believe do indeed have ‘an agenda’ which should be scrutized and challenged and fought tooth and nail.

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