To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

Did you know that 47% of all the jobs created in America in the last two years were jobs created within the state of Texas?  Did you know that the state of Texas instituted legislative changes to counter frivolous lawsuits by passing The Loser Pays Reform Act? Did you know that the state of Texas has combated voter fraud by requiring ID at the polls?  Did you know that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and surplus revenue?

Meet the man who has spearheaded the back-to-reality campaign in the state of Texas, Governor Rick Perry.  Rush Limbaugh highlighted segments of Governor Perry’s speech at the Republican Leadership Conference during his radio program today.  And Mr. Limbaugh seemed mighty impressed with the Perry persona. Here’s a glimpse of the man who might be a presidential candidate.  I certainly liked what I heard in this YouTube clip.


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7 Responses to To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

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  2. Ceeto says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to build a “Canadate Cake”? A little bit of Perry, a little bit of Paul, a little bit of Bachman…so on, and so forth…What a dream come true that would be. The one that impresses me right now, is good ole Herman Cain…I know, I know, he does not have the experience….but what impresses me is his honesty and his forthrightness to admit he does not know it all. I find him a breath of fresh air. I admire that he sees the Office of the President as an honor to serve the people and the country,…and not the other way around, as we have now….the “I” did this, “I” did that, and “this is what you are going to have to do!” President.
    Time will tell, who will really rise to the occasion. Thanks friends of TLC, I enjoyed reading your blogs, it make me look at things with different EYES.

    • That would be nice–a make-the-right-candidate recipe. Not jumping up and down about any of them. I think we keep looking for a Reagan and we’re just not going to find that in this crop of candidates, not anyone with all the ingredients that make for a candidate both unbeatable at the polls as well as a conservative exemplar. And yes, I agree, Herman Cain is refreshing as is Bachman. I’d like to see Bachman in the VP slot. I guess we can take comfort that at least the nominee won’t be McCain.

  3. B Fuchatuch says:

    Interesting commentary here. Fortunately for a nation seeking a strong, vibrant economy, people don’t rank and file pull the lever for fringey dislikes – they pull it wallet first.

    Been in the Lonestar state for over 25yrs, refugee from Detroit. You couldn’t blast me outta Texas with fresh dynamite. I hope Governor Perry runs so that, if for no toher reason, he keeps those liberal mental diseases that have overrun the likes of California and Michigan away from Texas. I’ll put his record against any governor in the country – especially in a recession.

    Thanks for the post. I knew all those things you posted about Perry and Texas. Now everbody knows.

  4. nilewatch says:

    Rick Perry was at David Rockefeller’s Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa 3 years ago, the only governor present. He has the approval of the global bankster elite. He is a faux social conservative, who was insincere in his succession comments. He supported the NAFTA super highway from Mexico to Manitoba and headquartered in Kansas City. He was MIA when the state ripped FLDS kids from their mothers in 2008.

    • Interesting. Of all the hats that have been thrown into the ring, none really impress me. Pawlenty is probably the best of the pack for my measure but I don’t think he possesses the presidential presence that the public seems to latch onto.

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