LezGetReal and Gay Girl in Damascus: Straight Men in Drag


Within the last week, two lesbian-authored blogs have been unmasked as nothing more than exotic window dressing for the strangely underhanded schemes of attention-seeking straight men.

First, it was discovered that the author of the popular blog, Gay Girl in Damascus, was not a lesbian living her life within the dangerous and definitely anti-gay climes of Muslim Syria, but rather a heterosexual American dude by the name of Tom MacMaster.  Mr. MacMaster was apparently so obsessed with Middle East politics that he felt compelled to masquerade as a lesbian blogger living in that Syrian hellhole.  He called himself Amina Arraf and he provided fake coverage of daily events in that strife-torn country.  His fraudulent blog was finally exposed when Mr. MacMaster pretended that his lesbian persona, Amina, had been abducted on the streets of Damascus by armed men.  When many of the blog’s devoted fans tried to ascertain poor Amina’s fate and come to her aid, the whole pack of pathetic lies was revealed.

But the creme de la creme of double-dealing, down-and-dirty dyke deceptions is the revelation that the editor and owner of LezGetReal is in actuality an ex-Air Force pilot and retired construction worker by the name of Bill Graber.  In Mr. Bill’s case, the reason given for his lesbian blogging gambit was the overwhelming concern for the treatment of gay women in the military.  A bizarre way to express one’s empathy over the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell dilemma, wouldn’t you say?

The hoax involving the true identity of a Syrian lesbian blogger has taken another turn, as another man has acknowledged he is behind a lesbian blog that republished vivid accounts of revolt in Damascus.

A 40-year-old American man living in Scotland apologized earlier Monday for posing as a Syrian lesbian blogger named Amina Arraf, whose reported detention fueled attention that eventually led to the man’s confession that his blog posts had been an elaborate ruse.

Later Monday, The Washington Post reported that an editor of lesbian news website Lezgetreal.com — who encouraged Arraf and republished her blog entries — was a man named Bill Graber who used the name Paula Brooks as an online persona.  Yahoo! News

LezGetReal tries to present itself as a genuine news site and attempts to provide coverage of global events as they pertain to the lesbian and gay communities.  Its ‘news’, however, has always been heavily tinged with snide and nasty progressive commentary especially from its main US contributor who writes under the byline of Bridgette LaVictoire.  The LezGetReal website is currently down but the rumor out there is that the whole kit and caboodle will be handed over to Ms. LaVictoire, who we can hopefully assume is a genuine woman and actually a lesbian.

Having crossed swords with Ms. LaVictoire over one or two of her ‘news’ stories concerning conservative lesbians and gay men and having been on the receiving end of this so-called journalist’s natural progressive talent for personal vitriol, I can only assume that LezGetReal will now get even more LezGetBiased under her official stewardship.

And as for The Lesbian Conservative, well, I’ve actually presented myself in-person to a couple of the good folks who read my blog.  And I’m more than a bit notorious within some of the local lesbian circles I frequent, where I’m occasionally tolerated, occasionally shunned, occasionally confronted, but always OUT as a conservative lesbian woman.

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2 Responses to LezGetReal and Gay Girl in Damascus: Straight Men in Drag

  1. Ceeto says:


    My only comment is…how absolutely wateful to use ones God-given gifts such as creativity for such deceptive CRAP! My God, divert those talents in the direction of GOOD and Contructive activities. All that energy and creative juices spent on lies. Grow up, little boys!!


    • Bizarre and creepy, isn’t it? And of course, these two frauds really don’t think they did anything wrong. Heck, I guess if you can’t get noticed on the internet as a straight man, why not pose as a lesbian—you got to wonder what the reasoning was and how the idea even popped into their heads.

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