A Salute to Anthony Weiner: Getting it Up for Progressivism

Ah, the sad silly saga of Anthony Weiner and his extracurricular obsession with his ne’er-do-well nether regions.  As this pathetic liberal putz seeks ‘treatment’ for what must surely be a psychological syndrome of sorts, for as we all know, Democrats are genetically incapable of taking personal responsibility for immoral and/or criminal acts, let us finally pay our overdue tribute to one of America’s infamous Left-wing elites.

Here is a video salute to Anthony Weiner who has exemplified such a strict adherence to the Democrat’s decadent motto: Neither lies, nor philandering, nor sexual harassment, nor brutal bitch slapping, nor rape of children in the glare of a Hollywood spotlight will stay our progressive brothers from the swift completion of their ideological mission.  Oh Anthony, you’ve made Janeane Garofalo so very proud!

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2 Responses to A Salute to Anthony Weiner: Getting it Up for Progressivism

  1. Ceeto says:

    Enjoyed your blog Jeanne.
    My question is: Do some people just automatically get enrolled in the University of Stupidity, and receive a PhD. Magna Cum Laude in “I have power, I do not need to be accountable for my actions” degree.?.
    It does not matter if you are male, female, what political stance you have, young, old etc. etc. Where has basic, common decency gone? Where is personal discipline and accountability?
    Some say, oh, it is his personal life, it does not affect his professional outcomes….well I beg to differ…This is a window into his character. And, he does not regret the actions, nor is sorry for the actions….He regrets he “got caught” and is sorry he “got caught” and I guantee, he will do it again, again, Evidently he has been forgiven once for his indiscresions…now he wants a second chance….NO Sir!!! Hey Wiener…you are supposed to learn from your mistakes…NOT REPEAT THEM!!! Say “good-bye” to your political life as you know it!!! You lied to the public, you were not respecting your wife….why would I trust you?????!!!!!
    OK….now I feel better!!!

    • Well said! On the plus side, all this publicity is a bit of a PR victory for our side, especially with many of the Lefty talking heads continuing to support him, like the silly woman heading up the Brooklyn/Queens NOW organization. Some of these dopes are so arrogant they don’t even know enough to keep their mouths shut.

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