Gays in UK Waking Up to Muslim Threat

With acts of violence against gay men significantly on the rise in the UK, especially within the ethnically diverse inner-city areas, the organized gay community has turned a belligerently blind eye to the source of those physical attacks.  Not only has Gay Inc. in Great Britain refused to point the accusing finger of fault at the obvious culprits, but the haughty Gay Grandees have also harassed those who would dare speak truth to the queer multicultural pawns who pander to progressivism.

But there may be a couple of new kids on the gay activist block who are refusing to be intimidated by the accusation of Islamophobia.  When posters appeared throughout East London neighborhoods proclaiming Gay-Free Zones, Gay Inc. refused to believe that such posters and the violence they engendered could be the work of gay-hating Muslims. Despite the fact that the London Muslim Center and the East London Mosque were hosting a series of anti-gay speakers and events, these silly queers were more concerned about parroting the progressive party line than protecting the lives of their constituents.

Here is the response of the Rainbow Hamlets LGBT Community Forum back in February when confronted with these incidents.  This gay outfit was more focused on slamming supposed racism and Islamophobia then speaking up for the very people they are supposed to represent.

We condemn those who use these incidents to create a moral panic and stoke up racist or Islamophobic sentiment. At present the people responsible cannot be accurately determined, but it is clear that whoever is responsible, they do not represent any of the local communities.  TLC: Gay-Free Zones Spark Gay Denial 

Well, the culprit who posted the Gay-Free Zone posters has been apprehended, and surprise, surprise, the gay-hating offender turns out to be some punk named Mohammed Hasnath. Oh, how very disappointing for our progressive gay brothers and sisters who were oh so sure that the guilty party would turn out to be a Rodney, a Clive, or a Rupert.

Of course, Mr. Hasnath has now gotten off basically scot-free with just a minor little punishment, just a little monetary fine, a little rap on the Third World wrist to let him know he’s been a naughty little boy.  But such a multicultural soft-soaping of the whole affair has finally failed to sit well with two enlightened members of the UK gay community who have found the courage to speak up and speak out.

Journalist, Julie Bindel and Pride Trustee, Colm Howard-Lloyd, have publicly confronted the organized Muslim community in East London, demanding that the leadership take responsibility for what goes on inside their facilities.

The East London Mosque claims to have no responsibility over those who speak there. The East London Mosque also claims to be opposed to the ‘gay-free zone’ campaign and homophobia. We demand that the East London Mosque live up to its stated word, take ownership of its platform and stop allowing its premises to be used to promote gay-hate campaigns.  Guardian

I applaud Ms. Bindel and Mr. Howard-Lloyd’s efforts here.  Finally, someone in the UK is waking up to the genuine threat facing gays and lesbians.  The anti-gay violence there is being stoked by a backward and violent Muslim sub-culture surreptitiously fed by many of its community leaders.  And it goes without saying, that none of this dangerous criminal activity could flourish without the liberal limp-wrist silliness that sustains it.

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4 Responses to Gays in UK Waking Up to Muslim Threat

  1. AlyCat says:

    About time something is being done about Islam. Any religion to the gay lesbian transgender community is poison!

    • I agree that it’s time someone is doing something to confront the threat that Islam poses to gays and lesbians. But I don’t agree that all religion is poison for us. There are safe and accepting places within organized religion (christianity and judaism) for lesbians and gays. I’m not aware of any such spiritual safe havens for us within Islam, however.

  2. gutsy9 says:

    Here is the madness and hyporcrisy of modern multi-culturalism in a nutshell. Islam being a Third-World product and largely practiced by people of “color” enjoys a cachet that lets it off for all it long history of violence, retrograde social systems, subordination of women as well as hatred of homosexality.

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