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GOProud on Fox and Friends

Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, joined the Fox and Friends panel this morning to opine on some of the front-and-center issues of the day. From the national debt to the incandescent light bulb, the panelists shared their views with host Steve Doocy. And yes, these conservative times they are indeed a-changin.
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Neshaminy Teachers Union: More, More, More

A vicious struggle between taxpayers and it’s teachers’ union is being played out in the Neshaminy School District in the northeast suburbs of Philadelphia. The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and their President, Louise Boyd, have waged a nasty battle over their never-ending entitlement war with the district’s property owners. Continue reading

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Why Socialists Don’t Believe in Socialism

According to Victor Davis Hanson, American military historian and political essayist, There Are No Socialists. Check out his article over at Pajamas Media for an erudite incision into the tumor ridden cadaver that is the socialist state. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Tanking in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is finally saying NO to the Double-Dutch standard of multiculturalism. After a 30-plus year experiment with nonsensical political policies that promoted parallel societies within its borders, one a modernized Western culture and the other a pre-Medieval caliphate, the Dutch government is now instituting measures to put an end to the suicidal Muslim mollification programs of the past. Continue reading

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Geert Wilders Acquitted of Hate Speech Charges

Geert Wilders, the Dutch Member of Parliament who has been harassed and criminalized for daring to suggest that radical Islam is a growing threat to European civilization, has been acquitted of the hate speech charges brought against him by a very reluctant prosecution. Continue reading

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GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

Where else but in the political arena of 21st century America could we find a female conservative contender for the presidency, a progressive lesbian activist, and a gay conservative organization all coming together at the interesting online intersection of the Daily Caller, a conservative news site. Continue reading

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To Governor Rick Perry: Run Rick, Run

Did you know that 47% of all the jobs created in America in the last two years were jobs created within the state of Texas? Did you know that the state of Texas instituted legislative changes to counter frivolous lawsuits by passing The Loser Pays Reform Act? Did you know that the state of Texas has combated voter fraud by requiring ID at the polls? Did you know that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and surplus revenue?
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A Tea Party Father’s Day Anthem

I thought this poem an appropriate salute to all our Tea Party fathers, who not only must face the every day challenges of raising a family and serving as an on-the-go role model for their children, but who must also bear the insidious slings and arrows of a corrupted anti-man culture. Continue reading

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Digging Through Palin’s Emails: The Rita Skeeter Rat Patrol

The paper trade triumvirate of ideological hogwash known individually as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times have been assiduously sorting through Sarah Palin’s emails from her days as Governor of Alaska. And after dispatching loads of journalistic resources to dig through the 24,000 pages of her daily correspondence, these past-their-prime propaganda rags have come up with the following observations: Continue reading

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Saudi Women Drive for Freedom

Let us all applaud the courage of the handful of Saudi women who got behind the wheel on June 17th in a bold act of civil disobedience against a frighteningly misogynistic and medieval society. It’s estimated that approximately a dozen women throughout Saudi Arabia took to the road either alone or with family members to defy the Saudi ban on women drivers. Security forces were apparently ordered to ignore any female violating the ban, and at this point, no arrests have been reported. Continue reading

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LezGetReal and Gay Girl in Damascus: Straight Men in Drag

Within the last week, two lesbian-authored blogs have been unmasked as nothing more than exotic window dressing for the strangely underhanded schemes of attention-seeking straight men. Continue reading

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A Salute to Anthony Weiner: Getting it Up for Progressivism

Ah, the sad silly saga of Anthony Weiner and his extracurricular obsession with his ne’er-do-well nether regions. As this pathetic liberal putz seeks ‘treatment’ for what must surely be a psychological syndrome of sorts, for as we all know, Democrats are genetically incapable of taking personal responsibility for immoral and/or criminal acts, let us finally pay our overdue tribute to one of America’s infamous Left-wing elites. Continue reading

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Gays in UK Waking Up to Muslim Threat

With acts of violence against gay men significantly on the rise in the UK, especially within the ethnically diverse inter-city areas, the organized gay community has turned a belligerently blind eye to the source of those physical attacks. Not only has Gay Inc. in Great Britain refused to point the accusing finger of fault at the obvious culprits, but the haughty Gay Grandees have also harassed those who would dare speak truth to the queer multicultural pawns who pander to progressivism. Continue reading

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The Palin Express Leaves the Lamestream Media Behind

With Sarah’s Magical Mystery Tour hitting the road this week, the media elite have been falling all over themselves in their futile attempts to somehow ascertain her political itinerary, and of course, to hopefully win some long sought after face time with this housewife from Wasilla. Continue reading

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