Gay Fisting Czar Takes His Dubious Talents Elsewhere

Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education who had assumed the duties of the so-called Safe Schools Czar in the Obama administration, has decided to move on to greener pastures.  Mr. Jennings will be taking the helm of the Massachusetts-based non-profit, Be the Change.  He was chosen for the role of President and CEO after a nation-wide search to replace the organization’s founder, Alan Khazei.  Khazei intends to take on Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial race in 2012.

Jennings was the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), an organization that has exhibited some strangely perverted views on just what constitutes mentoring for gay and lesbian youth.  GLSEN, under the guidance of Mr. Jennings, showed a particular fondness for sex seminars where gay boys received instructions on how to perform specific sex acts and how to find their way to the local gay bars for the purpose of meeting adult males and chugging down a brew or two.

My views on GLSEN, its mission, and its founder were best expressed in a post I wrote back in December 2009 when the FistGate controversy was flying fast and furiously.

This scandal has me shaking my head and wondering what the gay male community is really all about.  And who are these elite GLSEN ‘educators’ who think they know what’s best for other people’s children?  Why do they believe that boys need special instruction in gay sexual practices at the hands of adult gay men?  Is this what GLSEN means when it talks about engendering a positive sense of self?  Is the conducting of sex workshops and the distribution of bar guides to teenagers what GLSEN considers a positive contribution to a more vibrant and diverse community?  Do Jennings and the progressive establishment assume that by virtue of being gay these kids are or should be promiscuous?  Are kids safe in the hands of an organization that welcomes them into the wonderful world of anonymous sex and gay cruising?  Do the words degraded, debauched, and dangerous come to mind here?

But we now live in more enlightened times where victimization has been elevated to a political art form of special rights and special considerations and where anointed young acolytes can fist their way through America’s public school system with lots of how-to help and our concerted best wishes.  Ah, the sweet fruits of victim status.   TLC: Fire the Safe Schools Czar

Let’s all wave bye-bye to Mister Kevin Jennings and hope this creep is kept well clear of America’s gay youth.  Good riddance to perverted rubbish!

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6 Responses to Gay Fisting Czar Takes His Dubious Talents Elsewhere

  1. Lori Heine says:

    I think we’re on the same page here. Leftist “gay rights” groups are claiming to represent us all, and to speak for us all. I don’t like what they are doing — supposedly in our names — either. If I had any kids in school, I would be adamant about not letting these people anywhere near them. Not because they’re gay, but because they’re Marxist, social-engineering ideologues with no common sense or scruples.

    Individual responsibility is a hallmark of conservative thought. You cannot, however, have individual responsibility unless you have individuals. We can’t conveniently be individuals when they want to hold us responsible, yet be nothing but an easily-dismissible part of a group when they want to push us around or demonize us.

    I had, commenting on my blog, a troll who wanted to lump me in with every moonbat gay Leftist in modern history. She automatically (and very erroneously) assumed I stood for all the same things most Leftists do. What she didn’t realize she was doing — in trying to expose me as a phony — was that she was actually exposing herself as one.
    She tries to represent herself as a conservative (she haunts Gay Patriot all the time), but in her reliance upon groupthink and group identity, she’s shown herself to be nothing but a closet Leftist.

    The more we know about conservative thought, the better armed we can be against those who would box us into a stereotype that’s unfair to us.

    Keep up the good work. I like your blog.

    • I agree, Lori. I think there are those who have their litmus tests of what constitutes a worthy fellow traveller, and you can find those folks on both sides of the political aisle. If you don’t fit their entire bill, you’re not the real McCoy. And they always seem to be on the lookout for any action/word they deem heretical.

      I didn’t realize you had a blog–I’ll have to check it out. And thanks for your supportive comments.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    Might I suggest that the very idea that gays and lesbians all have one, unified “community” is as patently ridiculous as the notion that we all share a single “agenda.”

    “Community” is the Leftist version of this mind-meld fantasy, while “Agenda” is the corresponding darling delusion of the Right.

    We are a diverse bunch. To those who would corral and control us, this diversity is infuriating. Genuine diversity has nothing whatsoever to do with quotas or political correctness, and everything to do with the vast human race God has made.

    I’m a snowflake. So are you. Each of us is utterly, irreplaceably unique.

    This, incidentally, is the true conservative perspective. The whole group-think, group-identity mentality is a byproduct of Leftist thought. It is unfortunate that so many so-called conservatives have bought into it (see “Gay Agenda,” above).

    • I take your point about ‘community’, Lori, and the diversity of individuals. I’m not sure what true conservative principles are, but for me, the issue (in the context of GLSEN) is the exposure of kids to the sleazy side of gay male culture that in my view is an unhealthy, shallow, and demeaning way to live. Obviously there are many other gays/lesbians who may think there’s nothing wrong with that lifestyle or with kids getting lessons in gay cruising 101 under the guise of ‘safe’ sex.

      And also what concerns me, is the continued wearing away of parental rights—to raise their children as they see best as opposed to some non-profit identity group that is deemed the representative standard bearer of the gay community swooping into the public schools to take charge of their children.

      There is a tremendous diversity of lifestyles within the gay and lesbian communities. And that’s why I started this blog–to show folks that we are indeed of many stripes and that outfits like GLSEN don’t speak for many of us.

  3. Good riddance! Another nice catch.

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