Socialist Sex and the IMF

Sacré bleu!  A son of the French socialist elite has fallen afoul of America’s unsophisticated and so very parochial jurisprudence. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, and unlawful detention of a chamber maid in his Sofitel Hotel suite in midtown Manhattan.  It appears that our silly bourgeois criminal code frowns upon males of any variety who force their sexual lusts onto hard-working poorly paid cleaning ladies.

I know that Mr. Strauss-Kahn is the ‘alleged’ criminal in this Manhattan felony farce and we must assume innocence until guilt is proven.  But what fun to take a more Napoleonic approach to The Friend of the People’s little Left-wing sexual liaison.  Yes, liaison, for that indeed is how this criminal incident will be looked upon by the Marxist Imams of the European Union if one of their own magnificent males is found guilty in this case. 

For the record, Mr. Strauss-Kahn has a naughty personal history that includes a sexual attack against a young female reporter a few years ago and an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of the IMF’s employees, a woman who later claimed that she felt she had no choice but to sleep with this pillar of progressivism because she feared a negative impact on her career. Gee, I think that’s what we call here in the USA quid pro quo sexual harassment.

And did you take note of just how lucrative it can be if you’re lucky enough to make it up that Left-leaning ladder of attainment? It appears you can carve out quite a nice lifestyle masquerading as a committed socialistic commie in the European paradise that gave birth to two world wars.  The Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan costs $3,000 a night and one can only imagine the room service tab that goes with such a classy midtown retreat.  But hey, poor Dominique is only living the highfalutin way in order to better serve that class of faceless clowns known collectively as The People.  So disregard the limos, the chauffeurs, the pricey clothes, the luxurious accommodations, the capitalist salaries, the extravagant expense accounts, and all those down and dirty perks that so many of these socialist studs seem to assume should go along with their exulted positions: the cherchez la femme fringe benefits.

Mr. Strauss-Kahn is being held without bail after a court appearance today.  His attorney was quite distraught that the judge would not accept Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s willingness to post a $1 million bail package.

The fact that this guy can whip-up a million bucks in just a matter of days shows you that the biggest capitalist venture offering the greatest return on investment today seems to be the rising stock of socialism.  And I think here in America, our Republican RINOs have been buying more than a few of those big government shares on margin.

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