WikiLeaks to Punish Leakers

WikiLeaks seems to have sprung a leak.  The self-styled altruistic whistle-blowing outfit that prides itself on releasing damning information to the public to expose what it considers the bureaucratic abuses of governmental and corporate behemoths, is wetting its priggish panties over the possibility that its own staff might do to WikiLeaks what WikiLeaks enjoys doing to THE MAN.

Julian Assange, founder of this phony bit of political flotsam called WikiLeaks, is now forcing his associates to sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement that would penalize staff members for leaking to the public what is described in the agreement as “valuable proprietary commercial information”.  The punishing penalty for a WikiLeaks Leaker would be $20 million.

Let’s ponder a couple of the circuitous curiosities here with WikiLeaks’ not so very clever political slight of hand.  An oganization that encourages military personnel and government employees to violate the law by illegally leaking information is demanding that its WikiLeaks staffers honor the integrity of its own informational databases OR ELSE.  If the organizational goal of WikiLeaks is to place within the public domain the hidden secrets of the ruling Reich for the sole enriching purpose of empowering THE PEOPLE, then why would Julian Assange describe such ill-gotten data as “valuable propriety commercial information”?  Commercial?  Such a descriptive meme doesn’t sound much like an altruistically motivated mission to me.  And I think we also need to ask how such pirated information that is obtained through criminal means could end up being the sole property of WikiLeaks, or for that matter, any entity trading in illegally garnered information.  How can one organization’s stolen proprietary data become the “valuable commercial information” for the very outfit that encouraged its theft?

Mr. Assange, like all the other pseudo Marxist/Socialists out there, has simply joined the exulted ranks of other progressive posers who like to pretend they have no capitalistic ambitions whatsoever.  You see, it’s always about THE PEOPLE and THE PLANET and never about THE PROFIT.  Yeah, sure and Al Gore got poor going green with Cap-and-Trade.

The Non-Disclosure agreement was leaked to the New Statesman by, I assume, a disgruntled WikiLeaks staffer who wanted the world to know what’s going on behind closed doors within the sainted inner sanctum of corporate progressivism.

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3 Responses to WikiLeaks to Punish Leakers

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  2. Awesome piece! You have a way with words… I always find myself looking forward to reading your posts whenever I see that a new one comes out. Wikileaks is the epitome of duplicitous hypocrisy…

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