Storming the Cockpit: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

When Rageit Almurisi stormed the cockpit on American Airlines flight 1561 as it was making its descent over San Francisco, little did those terrified passengers know that what they were witnessing was not an act of vicious terrorism, but instead, an excusable act of unaccountability.

It would seem that the gentleman whose behavior put everyone’s life at risk was really not at fault for the dangerous outrage that occurred.  You see, Mr. Almurisi’s family members, many of whom live right here in the good old USA, have graciously explained to us unwise Westerners what actually caused their kinsman’s violent altercations.  Following is a list of the reasons these folks have given to whisk away Mr. Almurisi’s malfeasance.  It’s sort of a multicultural multiple choice where any and every selection is the correct one.

  • He was confused about where the bathroom was located. Oh, so I guess all that pounding on the cockpit door was just an indication of how badly he had to go.
  • Because he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis he must have been stretching his legs.  Ah yes, a nice run up that airplane aisle knocking over the flight attendants and fellow passengers really does help alleviate those aching joints.
  • Because of his arthritis, he had every right to push the flight attendant out of the way when ordered to sit down.  Yes indeed, physical assault is an excellent communicator.
  • He is naive about American culture.  Of course, we have no right to expect this poor schnook from Yemen, who by the way, is college educated and a Math teacher, to understand that it’s considered uncouth to go on a rampage at 30,000 feet.
  • He’s from a Third World country and has lived in a village most of his life.  Did they say Third World?  Everyone genuflect now and bow your heads.
  • He was under a lot of stress and probably just cracked.  Ah yes, he must have been suffering from Allahu Akbar Syndrome.
  • He had money stolen from him while living in New York.  He lived in New York?  My god, can anyone blame him for trying to murder over a 100 people!
  • He must have been provoked and badly treated on the plane.  Yep, bring on the slimy lawyers.  Time to teach America another multicultural lesson.

They catch on fast, don’t they?  They’ve got that victim drill down pat and they play it for all it’s worth.  Instead of apologizing to the passengers who had to endure their relative’s life-threatening antics, these ungracious grabbers had the audacity to make excuses for this dangerous creep.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

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5 Responses to Storming the Cockpit: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

  1. “Did they say Third World? Everyone genuflect now and bow your heads.” So funny!

    You’re right. Mark Steyn has remarked a number of times on that curious selective assimilation—“After the London Tube bombings and the French riots a few years back, commentators lined up behind the idea that Western Muslims are insufficiently assimilated. But in their mastery of legalisms and the language of victimology, they’re superbly assimilated.” Or, as you put it, “They catch on fast, don’t they?”

    • And progressives just love the victim ideology–it makes them feel so superior treating so much of the world like sad little children who just can’t help themselves.

  2. Chris says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Is there no limit to this absurdity?

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