Patriotism on Campus: Celebrating the Death of Bin Laden

As news of Osama bin Laden’s death hit the global airwaves on Sunday, spontaneous celebrations broke out here, there, and everywhere across our land of liberty.  And some of the biggest rip-roaring bashes were held at those citadels of Left-wing anti-US ideology known as America’s college campuses.  Believe it or not, college students across the country took to the streets in a joyous, free-wheeling outburst of good old-fashioned and unadulterated PATRIOTISM.

At State College, Pennsylvania, the home campus of Penn State University, students by the thousands poured into downtown streets chanting USA, USA and waving American flags.  Yep, college students in the year 2011 AD demonstrating in droves for their country, their liberty, and their exceptionalism as American citizens.  If you want your faith restored in America’s up and coming generation, if you want to believe that there is so much more to our college men and women than the milk sop sorority of Marxist ninnies parading their progressive cant across our university quads, then click on this video to give your wavering hope one hell of a patriotic jump start.  At one point, the crowd begins singing the national anthem.  Born in the USA, baby—it doesn’t get much better than this.

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