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Ride, Sarah, Ride: Mrs. Palin Takes DC

Sarah Palin, decked out in a black leather jacket, roared into Washington, DC on Sunday on the back of a Harley Hog driven by a woman. My oh my, there’s just something about women riding motorcycles. Continue reading

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In Memorial: The Brothers of the USS Arizona

To all those who have sacrificed for us, I offer up a small tribute to the men who were killed at Pearl Harbor onboard the USS Arizona. I knew that the Arizona had suffered a lot of casualties on December 7th, 1941, but I didn’t realize that of the 2,400 servicemen and civilians killed that fateful day, 1,177 of them were the officers and crew of the Arizona. I also didn’t realize that there were 38 sets of brothers who served onboard this battleship, including 3 sets of 3 brothers and a set of twins. Of the 79 brothers, 63 died during the attack. Continue reading

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GLAAD-handing Defamation: The Ed Schultz Award

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has exhibited a very hypocritically one-sided approach in their quixotic quest for a slur-free society. For an organization that claims to be so concerned about every word and image that might reflect negatively on gays and lesbians, this outfit certainly has no problem applauding the defamation of those of us who choose not to run with the exceedingly illiberal progressive herd. Continue reading

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Facebook Campaign: Whacking Saudi Women Who Dare to Drive

Women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia (yes, there actually are women in this ultra-repressive female-hating culture willing to risk life and limb to help move their country a smidgen or two out of the Middle Ages), are planning a demonstration in June to protest the arrest of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi sister who has been jailed for defying her country’s ban on distaff drivers. And of course, what better way to demonstrate for the equal right of unfettered maneuverability than for women to slide behind the wicked wheel of flighty freedom and roar on down that revolutionary road in search of the 21st century. Continue reading

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Gay Fisting Czar Takes His Dubious Talents Elsewhere

Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education who had assumed the duties of the so-called Safe Schools Czar in the Obama administration, has decided to move on to greener pastures. Mr. Jennings will be taking the helm of the Massachusetts-based non-profit, Be the Change. He was chosen for the role of President and CEO after a nation-wide search to replace the organization’s founder, Alan Khazei. Khazei intends to take on Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial race in 2012. Continue reading

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Frank Capra: It’s a Wonderful Life, America

This morning on his Talk Radio program, Mike Gallagher offered up a brief tribute to one of America’s greatest film directors, Frank Capra. Highlighting Capra’s acceptance speech at the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement award, Gallagher focused in on this great man’s unabashed patriotism and thankful appreciation for his adopted country. Continue reading

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Strauss-Kahn: The Face of Arrogance

News sources are now stating that Dominique Strauss-Kahn will admit that he had sexual ‘contact’ with the chamber maid at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan. However, the socialist scion will now claim that the ‘contact’ was consensual. Continue reading

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Socialist Sex and the IMF

Sacré bleu! A son of the French socialist elite has fallen afoul of America’s unsophisticated and so very parochial jurisprudence. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, and unlawful detention of a chamber maid in his Sofitel Hotel suite in midtown Manhattan. It appears that our silly bourgeois criminal code frowns upon males of any variety who force their sexual lusts onto hard-working poorly paid cleaning ladies. Continue reading

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WikiLeaks to Punish Leakers

WikiLeaks seems to have sprung a leak. The self-styled altruistic whistle-blowing outfit that prides itself on releasing damning information to the public to expose what it considers the bureaucratic abuses of governmental and corporate behemoths, is wetting its priggish panties over the possibility that its own staff might do to WikiLeaks what WikiLeaks enjoys doing to THE MAN. Continue reading

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Storming the Cockpit: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

When Rageit Almurisi stormed the cockpit on American Airlines flight 1561 as it was making its descent over San Francisco, little did those terrified passengers know that what they were witnessing was not an act of vicious terrorism, but instead, an excusable act of unaccountability. Continue reading

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Patriotism on Campus: Celebrating the Death of Bin Laden

As news of Osama bin Laden’s death hit the global airwaves on Sunday, spontaneous celebrations broke out here, there, and everywhere across our land of liberty. And some of the biggest rip-roaring bashes were held at those citadels of Left-wing anti-US ideology known as America’s college campuses. Believe it or not, college students across the country took to the streets in a joyous free-wheeling outburst of good old-fashioned and unadulterated PATRIOTISM. Continue reading

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In the Raw: The Amish Milk Menace

To pasteurize or not to pasteurize, that is the question. Whether tis healthier in the body to suffer the germs and parasites of unadulterated cow’s milk or to take up arms against this sea of natural food supporters and by opposing, put an end to them. Continue reading

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