Wisconsin Docs to be Punished for Fake Sick Notes

A spokesperson for the University of Wisconsin stated today that the Medical School had concluded their investigation into the fake doctor note scandal that involved twenty-two of their physicians.  Back in February during the teacher demonstrations against Governor Walker’s collective bargaining changes for public employees, many of the university’s physicians took part in the melee by handing out fake doctor excuses to the striking teachers. 

So what’s in store for these salaried bureaucrats who think that committing acts of fraud in a union cause is nothing to get worked up over?  The university stated that punishments would range from written reprimands to loss of pay and leadership roles, all depending on individual involvement.  The university refused, however, to cite specific personnel actions, claiming employee confidentiality.

These madcap medicos are also under investigation by the Medical Examining Board and the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.  The Wisconsin Medical Society has already condemned the actions of these physicians declaring that they “had threatened the public’s trust in the medical profession”.

Whatever happens to any of these doctors, there is one among them who deserves the strongest condemnation and hence the harshest punishment.  And that physician is Kathy Oriel, Director of the Medical School’s Family Practice Residency.  Ms. Oriel, one time president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and mentor to the fifteen program residents under her tutelage, should be removed from her leadership position at the university.  Not only did she exhibit outrageously poor judgement, she arrogantly placed her political agenda ahead of the professional code of ethics and integrity that she is supposed to be bound by.  Doctor Oriel flaunted her public employee social welfare whine in front of local and national TV cameras, declaring to a reporter that she knew the physicians could get into trouble for what they were doing but felt it was worth the risk.  Well, Doctor Oriel, I think your revolutionary ride is now officially over—time to climb down from that old social justice hobby horse you’ve been straddling.  Reality has come a-calling.

And what we really should be concerned about here is the fact that twenty-two physicians took part in that fake note scandal.  Apparently, our medical schools are just as infected with Left-wing ideology as the rest of higher education.

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2 Responses to Wisconsin Docs to be Punished for Fake Sick Notes

  1. You are absolutely correct. I have followed these events very closely and have even had the pleasure of being linked to your site for my coverage and couldn’t agree more with you assessment of Dr. Kathy Oriel. She more than the others deserves significant rebuke. I can only hope that she has lost her job as FP Program Director. The most disgusting part of this is that she put her interns and residents in harms way for the benefit of her political beliefs. Disgusting….

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