College Credit: How to be a Union Mobster 101

Today, higher education is awash in student loans, government grants, and college subsidies, all compliments of the American taxpayer.  But do those hardworking rate payers out there really have a clue as to just how their hard-earned bucks are getting handed-out at America’s universities? 

Well, here’s a little peek into that college world of the conspiratorial classroom, where students can earn an academic certificate in faculty approved feats of physical intimidation, head-bashing, fear mongering, sabotage, vandalism, and random acts of union violence.

Welcome to the University of Missouri and its Institute of Labor Studies.  Let me introduce you to our two academic anarchists, Judy Ancel, Director of the Institute of Labor Studies for the University of Missouri at Kansas City and her co-teacher for this class in the timeless art of Marxist thuggery, Don Giljum, Business Manager for the International Union of Operation Engineers Local 148.  The dynamic duo of instructional homegrown terrorism.

Folks, have we all finally figured out that the only way to take back America is by taking back our college campuses?  So let’s get crackin!  Let’s conduct our own special brand of college activism.  How about giving Ms. Ancel and Mr. Giljum and their bosses a little shout out?  Just a friendly telephone call or a short exclamatory email to let them know what you, the working taxpayer, have to say about their virulent view of the labor world.  Rev-up your proletariat enthusiasm and show these commie coquettes what the civilized workers of America are really all about.

Judy Ancel
phone: [816] 235-1470
fax: [816] 235-2834


Donald Giljum
2929 S. Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, MO 3118
(202) 429-9100

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