Earth Day: Holly Maddux Remembered

In remembrance of Holly Maddux, I offer up a little haunting history lesson from the Philadelphia archives of the earth first phenomenon…

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd which coincidentally turns out to be the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the progenitor of the Russian communist revolution.  The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 during the heyday of the drug-infested counter-culture, just when the depiction of America as arch-fiend was grinding into high gear.  It was a happening, Man!

That first Earth Day celebration in Philadelphia was organized by Philly’s own local counter-cult icon, Ira Einhorn.  Einhorn was an anti-establishment celebrity wannabe who rubbed shoulders with Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, two of the notorious Chicago Eight radicals that led the Yippie demonstrations at the 1968 Democrat Convention.  Einhorn later claimed to be the creator of Earth Day, attempting to capitalize on all the save-the-earth euphoria. On that first Earth Day in Philly’s Fairmount Park, Einhorn served as Master of Ceremonies.

In 1977, Ira Einhorn murdered Holly Maddux, a former lover, who had broken off their relationship and moved to New York.  Einhorn lured Holly back to Philadelphia by telling her he wanted her to remove her belongings from his apartment.  Holly left for Philadelphia and was never seen alive again.  Eighteen months later, Holly’s body was found decomposing in a trunk in Einhorn’s apartment.  Einhorn was then charged but released on a reduced bail at the request of his attorney, Arlen Specter, the former Democrat Senator for Pennsylvania.  Just days before the start of his trial, Einhorn skipped out on his bail and fled to Europe.

The saga that ensued in tracking down this Left-wing murderer and heaving his Lefty bourgeois butt back to the US took 20 years.  Einhorn was sheltered and protected by every Left-wing do-goody in Europe and in the US.  The fact that he had murdered a young woman and left her body to rot in his own apartment, never registered in the minds of these progressive snots who saw Einhorn as a persecuted victim of a crass legal system that had the audacity to treat this man like any other criminal. After all, such progressive aristocrats can’t be enslaved by the same mundane laws that govern the masses.  Whether it be raping children or murdering young girls, the Left-wing male’s majesty always rises above such petty peccadilloes.

This conniving criminal was finally brought to book by the unrelenting efforts of Philadelphia’s District Attorney, Lynne Abraham who served as DA from 1991 to 2010.  Although a loyal party hack who knew how to pay homage to the Democrat political machine in Philly, Lynne Abraham was also a fierce supporter of the police department and an even fiercer advocate for justice.  She pursued Ira Einhorn through every legal channel available and never gave up.  It is due to her bulldog efforts that Einhorn is now finally serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, stuck away in a maximum security lock-down smack in the middle of the Pennsylvania boonies.

So as the good little Greenies go galumphing about on their earth first field day, I shall be taking a moment to remember this bitter-sweet victory.  And in my mind’s eye, I’ll be seeing the image of Mister Ira Einhorn, suitably clad in classless penal garb, chowing down his jailhouse grub, and of course, dutifully recycling his plastic eating utensils into the proper prison receptacle.  Oh, what a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

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2 Responses to Earth Day: Holly Maddux Remembered

  1. This is a terrific post and I like the little changes that you made from last year’s. Holly looks like she was a lovely girl and my thoughts and prayers are with her family. Thank you for keeping her story alive, we shouldn’t let this sort of thing be swept from people’s memories.

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