Hollywood Goes Apoplectic as Atlas Shrugs

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Part I, is now playing at movie theaters throughout the country.  The film premiered in DC the other night and several of the actors were on hand to mark its debut.  Below is a clip from PJTV that includes scenes from the movie as well as snippets of conversation with two of the actors in the film.  Take note of the actors’ comments.

It seems that anyone who dares to play a role in such an avant-garde film like Atlas Shrugged, a movie that flaunts the ‘controversial’ principles of individualism and personal enterprise, might find themselves on the actors’ unemployment line.  It’s amazing that liberals would even consider Ayn Rand avant-garde today or even heretical in any fashion.  Hollywood is so entrenched in its Left-wing ideology that it can’t get out from under the propaganda pulp that
has buried its creativity and its profits

Although I’m not an unquestioning fan of Ayn Rand’s worldview, I find the Hollywood establishment’s response to this movie simply silly.  But heck, the Tinsel Town that turns out in droves to support serial child rapists, drug-depraved fornicators, and any Third World cause that lets its sacred celebs tsk-tsk from a Malibu oasis, can’t be expected to grasp the fine art of a fair and entertaining stasis.

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