Jesse Jackson Accused of Gay Sexual Harassment

A former gay employee of the Rainbow Push Coalition has filed sexual harassment and discrimination charges against one of America’s premier race baiting, honky hustling hucksters, none other than the Reverend Jesse Jackson.  The charges were filed with the Chicago Commission on Human Rights by Tommy Bennett, an openly gay staffer who worked for the Rainbow Coalition for over two years.  Bennett first served as the National Director of Community Affairs there until he assumed the duties of Jackson’s Travel Assistant.

Bennett claims that when serving as the National Director, he was subjected to discriminatory treatment by various supervisors because of his sexual orientation.  He was then apparently demoted into the role of Travel Assistant, catering to the personal needs of the Reverend J.  While serving in this capacity, Bennett states that he was sexually propositioned for oral sex by Jackson.  Bennett also claims he was forced to escort women into and out of Jackson’s hotel rooms for the purpose of illicit sex.  Mr. Bennett stated that he was expected to ‘clean up’ afterward.

Bennett’s complaint requests back and front pay, compensation for emotional distress and punitive damages all to the tune of roughly $450,000.  Bennett also wants an amendment to the civil rights organization’s non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity.  NBC Chicago

My, oh my.  The Rainbow Coalition has no sexual orientation non-discrimination policy, even though sexual orientation is protected by Illinois state law.  Hmmm….could the Rainbow Rev be less than enthusiastic about his fellow victim travellers?  Could there be a few homophobia thunderclouds hovering over that happy pot of political gold?

And look how the NBC article describes Jackson’s many infidelities and his lecherous lifestyle:

Jackson, a former presidential candidate, has been married to his wife, Jacqueline Lavinia Brown, since 1962, but has had bouts with infidelity.  One affair with a staffer resulted in the birth of a girl in 1999.

Bouts with infidelity….Bouts?  Like bouts of chronic diarrhea or bouts of malaria?  So this guy’s sexual philandering has nothing to do with his own personal choices and the limousine lifestyle that he flaunts, all paid for with ‘donations’ and ‘grants’ devised from his shady shakedown operations.  Jivin Jesse, just a victim of an uncontrollable penis that keeps popping out of his po’ me pants.

But oh happy days! The rag and bone man of American race relations is finally getting some of the grafting goods he’s been giving out for far too long.  The shakedown artist extraordinaire is gettin rooked by the victimhood competition.  How sweet it is!

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