Duke Lacrosse Accuser Could Now Face Murder Charges

The poor guy who Crystal Mangum is accused of stabbing with a kitchen knife during a dispute at his home has died.  Reginald Daye, 46 years old, died Wednesday night from his injuries.  Mangum is currently being held in the Durham County jail on a $300,000 bond for assaulting him.

Ms. Mangum, best known for her starring role in that epoch saga of 21st century race relations, Honky Hustling: Reparations Reloaded, has an arrest record that includes assault, arson, child abuse, and identity theft.  Now with the death of her ex-boyfriend, charges of manslaughter or possibly murder are pending.  But perhaps the Chatelaine of Shame will wiggle her way out of this homicidal dilemma by simply doing what she has always done a lot of and that’s lie, lie, lie.  Playing the victim card is Crystal Mangum’s self-imposed type casting.

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