Brady Campaign’s Anti-Gun Ad Misfires

The Brady Campaign seems to think that broadcasting a political ad depicting an intense looking white man emptying a magazine clip into a target silhouette of a little girl provides the appropriate shock value to fire home their anti-gun message.  Their latest ad also uses other sympathetic figures as stand-in victims in hopes of eliciting empathetic agreement.  At the very end of the ad, images of a professional woman, an elderly man supported by a cane, a student wearing a mortar board, and a postal worker (a postal worker??) are all quickly flashed across the screen to complete the Slaughter of the Innocents scenario that the Brady Bunch is obviously going for.

The Brady Campaign’s latest backdoor battle in its crusade to ultimately Ban the Gun! has been developed in support of the Lautenberg-McCarthy legislation which seeks to limit magazine clips to 10 rounds.  The standard handgun today uses a 12-round magazine.

The National Rifle Association spokesperson, Rachel Parsons (yes, we women also love our guns), felt the Brady ad simply demonizes law-abiding citizens:

We think this ad is extremely tasteless…They’re trying to make it seem that anyone who would own a magazine with more than 10 rounds is obviously out to commit mass murder.   The Blaze

The liberal double standard is starkly portrayed here.  Remember the saga of Sarah Palin and those infamous crosshairs?  Well, as usual, the so-called rules are made-up by the Left and, of course, they never apply to the sanctified progressive priesthood forcing its will on us lowly laity.  Here’s the ad.

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