Bill Maher on Muslim Kowtowing

When Bill Maher quotes George W. Bush in a positive acclamation of agreement and then receives an enthusiastic applause from his liberal-leaning audience, then I think we can safely assume that there are a few widening cracks forming in the progressive pantheon of multiculturalism.

Maher belittled the reactions of General Petraeus and Senator Lindsey Graham and their blatant kowtowing to the violent Muslims who butchered 20 UN aid workers in Afghanistan.  Maher also pointed out that people in positions of power within the US government are making all kinds of excuses for Muslim violence, affixing blame everywhere other than where it really belongs

There is one religion in the world that kills you when you disagree with them.  And they say look, we are a religion of peace and if you disagree, we’ll cut your f..ckin head off.  And nobody calls them on it…Bush used to talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.  That’s what this is.

Here’s a clip from his program the other night.  Note the little tap dance of appeasement that Maher and his guest, Andrew Sullivan, perform at the end.  Despite the anti-establishment moniker, Maher offers his own sops to Cerberus by humbling placating progressivism’s multicultural pet poodle.

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