Prosser Wins in Wisconsin: Michael Moore Melts

Like the cynics are prone to say in times of conflict:

It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings.

Well, Madame Moore is screeching like a barn owl on a hot summer’s night over conservative Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser, gaining close to 8,000 votes during the recounting of ballots in Wisconsin.  The additional ballots seem to give Prosser the big win.

Here are some of Madame Moore’s screets on Twitter, compliments of Big Hollywood.

What a great way to end a Thursday!

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5 Responses to Prosser Wins in Wisconsin: Michael Moore Melts


    Prosser wins big time.MR Moore is a shill for stupidly, making all his money from capitalism,then mocking it.He in fact has no education, and made millions from our great country.In all other country’s he would be put in labor camps, or he would be flipping burgers. His useless dribble is laughable, states no real facts about anything,take talking points from msnbc,now that’s funny.

  2. David Kramer says:


    Found your site looking for Michael Moore tweets on the Prosser election. I am a Wisonsinite and have been pouring salt on liberal wounds since earlier this week. Thanks of for the collection but now that I have seen that photo, I am going to have to poke hot pokers into my eyes! LOL


  3. tsarge76 says:

    LOL!!!! no wait, im outraged. as a Wisconsin democratic senator, im leaving. im going to…………Minnesota. great fish fries

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