Obama’s Poll Numbers Falling with Blacks and Hispanics

The latest Gallup poll is showing signs of minority wear and tear with the flash piece of goods posturing as our president.  The Super O love fest that African Americans have indulged in since 2008 is exhibiting some symptoms of connubial discord.  Gallup found that the Great One’s approval ratings among Blacks in America have slipped from their zenith of 92% to a slightly more sobering proportion of 85%.  And Hispanics too are beginning to believe that an endless adoration of the enigmatic savior just might not be too good for home and hearth.  Obama’s approval ratings among Latinos has fallen a significant 11%, from 65% to 54%.

The LA Times tried to explain this dip in desire coming from the two minority groups that Democrats think are safely ensconced in their hip pocket.

Gallup seems puzzled by the unexpected decline, mentioning March’s major news as possible reasons: the ongoing fight with Congress over no fiscal 2011 federal budget and Obama leading the country into a new military combat zone over Libya.

As we reported here Wednesday, other polls found approval of Obama’s national security performance declined after he explained his rationale for Libya. While the unemployment rate has slipped slightly, millions remain out of work. Real estate has not rebounded. And consumer confidence is weak.   Los Angeles Times

Ah, the persistent beat of reality seems to be making itself heard over the parrot-like squawking of all those vague and vacuous progressive talking points.

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