Catering to the Crazies: The Muslim Mollification Agenda

As the US military tip-toes its way through the barren hills of Afghanistan on its pointless mission of pacification and go nowhere goals, there is an increasing interest here at home in piling on the appeasement for 7th century sensibilities.

In the wacky world of progressive foreign policy where naming the actual enemy is tantamount to multicultural treason, where our troops are forbidden to fire their weapons in a war zone lest civilians get in the way, and where mass-murdering mobs in foreign lands can dictate the extent of our freedoms here on the home front, it comes as no surprise that at least two United States’ senators have declared that it’s time to put the lid on America’s constitution.

Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader, is pushing for senate hearings into the doings of the Florida pastor who dared to burn a copy of the Koran. And Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks that freedom of speech is a great idea in theory but it’s really best to criminalize any word or action that might ‘inspire the enemy’.  So with these two forward thinkers serving as examples of the American brain trust for foreign and domestic policy, is it any wonder that our national effectiveness is gutted by a self-destructive muddle of mixed-up emotions and idiotic ideologies?

This bogus brouhaha centers on the mass murders of at least 20 people in Afghanistan who were attacked and killed by mobs of Muslim maniacs avenging the burning of their holy book half a globe away.  The progressive response to that horror here at home seems to be to aggressively ban any utterance or deed that might disturb the hysterical psychology of these culturally sick savages.

Question: Are these creatures in Afghanistan who hacked to death the aid workers members of the enemy faction that we’re fighting against or are they the poor poverty populace that we’re supposed to be saving from the evil Taliban?

Instead of trying to criminalize an American for burning the Koran, why aren’t we more concerned that there are nations full of nut jobs out there who believe that hacking off heads is a perfectly plausible response to a religious insult?  Catering to these crazies and bowing and scraping in abeyance to their frighteningly inferior cultures earns us nothing but their well-deserved contempt.

Such political pandering to dangerous backwater barbarians is unseemly, weak-kneed, and puts the US at real risk.  Waver just a little and these rodents will go for your throat, literally.  So belt up, America!  Either kick some butt in Afghanistan or get the hell out!

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4 Responses to Catering to the Crazies: The Muslim Mollification Agenda

  1. betondo fuchatuch says:

    Great piece of writing and piece of mind. You clarity of thought is commendable.
    I’ll stay tuned, and share your wares with other intellectual bloggers.

  2. Glen A. Amos says:

    Wendy and I agree that this is one of your best and that is saying a lot.

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